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« Gentlemen, keep your eyes open and guard your sectors. Some patrols could be nearby. I'd hate to lose a civvie right before the end of a tour.
Bohuslav Kouba

Bohuslav Kouba is the main protagonist of ArmA 2's Operation Silver Lion campaign.


Kouba was born in Vyškov, Czechoslovakia in 1983 to a "military family". He enlisted into the military because he desired adventure (and also because of his father).

He passed basic training in Vyškov before he was assigned to the 102nd Recon battalion in Prostějov. He gradually found his passion for the army here and thanks to his outstanding record, was promoted to the billet of Sergeant.

Kouba solidified his place as an able leader in several successful missions abroad. His commanding officer, Captain Kristek, has recommended that he further his studies at college to become an officer.

Since then, Kouba has been reassigned and is now attached to the BYSFOR peacekeeping force deployed to the semi-autonomous region of Bystrica, all part of the Czech military's initiative to stabilise the post-civil war situation.

Kouba has been assigned multiple radio callsigns throughout the course of his missions, ranging from Hunter 2-1 (during the manhunt for Colonel Radan Miyović), Black Horse 4-1, Bivoj 7 (as a vehicle commander) and Eye 1.

Operation Silver Lion (2010)


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  • Despite being the protagonist, Kouba is not actually controllable for the entirety of Silver Lion and is (albeit temporarily) replaced towards the latter end of the campaign.


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