« No, no it's OK. I'm fine with it, really. We crossed the fucking Rubicon a long time ago.
Brian O'Hara

Brian O'Hara is a main character in ArmA 2's Harvest Red campaign.


« Brian‘s a top class Marine, I think he‘s fitting right in. The rest of the team are still giving him a hard time but that‘s natural. If only ‚cause of his damn hair. I expect to see him promoted to a medical SNCO rank after this tour.
Captain Shaftoe's evaluation of O'Hara

San Franciscan-born, O'Hara followed a number of his brothers into the Navy. He trained as a combat medic before transferring to the USMC to become a corpsman, and finally joined the Corps' Force Reconnaissance unit in 2007.

Despite the usual 'Navy Pukes' jibes (typical of this kind of common inter-force transfer), Brian fits in well with the other members of Razor Team despite being its newest and youngest addition. However, his low aggression levels and a tendency to lean towards caution does belie his roots.

Post-Harvest Red

After six consecutive years of service, O'Hara is discharged from the military and returns back to San Francisco for further study. Graduating from college, he eventually becomes a civilian doctor several years later.

Personality and Appearance

O'Hara is a white Caucasian male in his early thirties with short, and trimmed black hair. His standard attire consists of a woodland-camouflaged bandanna, a specialised Rhodesian Recon Vest (RRV) plate carrier with medical supply pouches, and a MARPAT-camouflaged Flame Resistant Organizational Gear (FROG) uniform. He is also seen carrying a ILBE Assault Pack on his back that contains additional medical supplies.

« O'Hara: Jesus it's tight.
Rodriguez: Yeah, that's what your sister said...
O'Hara: Oh fuck off.
The level of O'Hara and Rodriguez's usual exchanges

As the youngest member of the team, he is often on the receiving end of Chad Rodriguez's jokes. The two share a friendly rivalry with one another, and always bicker with each other over the most inconsequential of things.

On the other hand, O'Hara mostly serves as the team's moral compass and always tries to steer Cooper away from making rash decisions, or doing anything with questionable ethics behind it. Sometimes however, his pre-existing biases towards certain individuals or groups may cause him to become unreasonable. Such as when he thought that the CDF couldn't be trusted due to the latter being forced to cooperate with the newly-arrived Russian peacekeepers.


  • O'Hara is nicknamed as "Scarlet" by his fellow team members.
  • Due to his surname's origins, O'Hara may actually be of Irish descent. This would make him the only officially named Irish descent character in the entire series.
  • O'Hara's appearance is based on Michal Pekárek. He is voiced by Howard Lotker.


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