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Militia insignia

The Bystrican Militia were anti-government dissidents based in the semi-autonomous province of Bystrica, Chernarus.


Led by its fanatical warlord, (self-proclaimed) Colonel Radan Miyović, the Militia are an organised band of dissidents based in Bystrica.

Aside from Miyović, the organisation's leadership consists of several other members and affiliates:

  • Borz Kazbekov, an associate of Miyović responsible for the training of fresh recruits.
  • The Kasun brothers, Andrej and Dragan; the former serving as aide-de-camp to Miyović.
  • Aslan Radayev, the leader of a Chechen arms smuggling ring that supplies most of the organisation's weapons and equipment.

They have continually waged war against the provincial government and, at the height of the civil war gripping the rest of Chernarus, took advantage of the chaos to conduct ethnic cleansings against the people of Bystrica. A temporary ceasefire was brokered between the two sides by the Czech Republic in mid 2010, though Miyović has largely refused to stand down and continues to rebel against the authorities.

Post-Silver Lion

However, as of September 2010, the organisation has been fractured following the capture of its senior leadership and loss of its connections to reliable arms suppliers. Only remnants of the group continue to defy the provincial government and BYSFOR peacekeepers, though it is doubtful if their efforts will last for much longer.


Kamyshovy risunok (podlesok) camouflage pattern (ArmA 2)

Militiamen don outdated Soviet-style fatigues camouflaged in the Kamyshovy risunok (podlesok) pattern. Fighters lack access to combat helmets and body armour, preferring to wear ski masks/balaclavas to conceal their identities.

Due to the organisation's connections to arms smuggler groups, fighters are equipped with a diverse array of handheld firearms ranging from Cold War-era AK-74/AKM assault rifles to RPG-7V rocket launchers, imported German G36 carbines and on occasion, Belgian-made FAL battle rifles.

When it comes to vehicular options, the Militia rely heavily on civilian cars both for transportation and concealment. Urals are often converted into anti-aircraft platforms and for logistics, V3S trucks are used both to smuggle weapons and fighters throughout the region.

The Militia possesses a minute number of armoured vehicles consisting of BRDM-2s, though they do not retain access to any forms of aviation or tanks.



  • For gameplay purposes, the "militia" encountered throughout the early stages of Silver Lion are simply reused ChDKZ forces as the Militia lack dedicated editor-placeable units.

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* this sub-faction does not canonically exist within the main Armaverse timeline.