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« Citizen to all units, commencing Operation Arrowhead. Codename Juleen, I say again, Juleen in effect.
Kane gives the green-light for Operation Arrowhead to begin

C.F. Kane is a minor character in ArmA 2's Operation Arrowhead campaign.


Kane is the commander of the U.S.-led Task Force Knight, a contingent of U.S. Army forces deployed to Takistan as part of the UN-mandated Operation Arrowhead.

As the leader of the task force and its NATO partners, Kane was responsible for coordinating the entire offensive into the country.

He is later seen declaring the end of Operation Arrowhead after TF Knight succeeds in bringing down the rogue regime of Muhammad R. Aziz, and participates in a press conference with the global media to report on their victory.

Personality and Appearance

A Caucasian male, Kane bears the appearance of a rapidly ageing adult approaching his elderly years.

He has short, trimmed hair that's completely frosted with grey, and is always seen wearing the standard attire of a U.S. Army officer that consists of a UCP-camouflaged Army Combat Uniform (ACU) and Patrol Cap.

« All units are RTB for celebration op. Drinks are on Uncle Sam! Out.
Kane congratulates TF Knight over their victory

Similar to his Marine counterpart, Kane follows rules strictly to the letter but allows for a lapse in protocol towards his men from time to time. While he's not exactly the definition of a charismatic leader, he respects his subordinates and attributes credit appropriately where due.


  • His name is likely a reference to "Citizen Kane", an American cult classic that was first released in 1941. Kane's in-game radio callsign is even named as "Citizen", and the first two initials of his full name are identical to that of Citizen Kane's main character: Charles Foster Kane.
  • If the Takistani forces guarding the routes northward are somehow drawn back to the Loy Manara airbase in Pathfinder, it is entirely possible for Kane to be killed by fire from the enemy troops. This will even result in a unique mission failure message being displayed upon his death.
    • This is a non-standard game over however, and is completely non-canonical for obvious reasons since it requires the player to go out of their way to "achieve" it.

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