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The CH-49 Mohawk is a medium-lift transport helicopter used by the AAF in ArmA 3.

A civilian variant also exists, and is known as the EH302 in IDAP service. It was added with the release of the Laws of War DLC.


  • Roles:
    • Medium-lift cargo transport
    • Troop transport
    • Civil transportation
« A successor to the wide-spread Merlin helicopter, the CH-49 Mohawk is a primary transport used by the AAF. It can carry up to 16 soldiers plus crew. Besides the transport version, many other versions of the Mohawk exist, serving as evac, anti-submarine warfare or armed air support. Upgrades over its predecessor consist of more powerful engines and construction changes fully utilizing modern materials.
Field Manual


The Mohawk is a conventionally designed, four-bladed, rotary-wing helicopter that is powered by three engines.

Its intended primary use is for transporting troops into battle, although it can also be used as a luxury V.I.P transport, for slingloading military cargo, or as a civilian freight transporter as well.

It has an aft ramp which allows for the two rear passengers to shoot out of the helicopter while it is open, and can be controlled either by the pilot or the two passengers.

This design also makes it so that the Mohawk that it has a higher positioned tail rotor, making it less prone to having its rotors damaged during landings.


AAF-operated CH-49 en-route to its destination.

The Mohawk is (especially for its size) the fastest out of the medium/heavy-lift helicopters currently available in Arma 3; due in large part to its three-engine design which enables to it reach a top speed of up to 330 km/h.

Like most helicopters, the Mohawk is no different in that all it takes is one near-miss from a surface-to-air missile launcher to knock it out of the sky.

The Mohawk also has somewhat ungainly handling as a consequence of its large airframe. When it comes to manoeuvrability, it has trouble maintaining speed on turns (in contrast to NATO's Ghost Hawk or CSAT's Mi-290) and also has a higher risk of incurring heavy damage or being outright destroyed from hard landings.

The other downside is that it is completely unarmed and relies solely on its RWR and countermeasures to evade anti-air threats. Last but not least, it is 20% more visible on all types of electronic sensors, rendering it an easy target to any sort of guided AA platform.

Crew Capacity
The Mohawk has a seating capacity of eighteen personnel (including the crew). This consists of both the pilot and co-pilot, and up to sixteen passengers.


Baseline military variant. Exclusively utilised by the AAF.

Civilian variant used by NGO aid workers.

It is functionally identical in all aspects to the baseline Mohawk aside from using a custom paint scheme with IDAP livery, and lacking countermeasure flares.


  • Digital Green: Digitised three-tone green/olive semi-fractal camouflage pattern.
  • IDAP: Flat white paint scheme with additional livery in the form of IDAP logos and signage. Used exclusively on EH302s.
  • ION:* Two-tone black/white paint scheme with yellow streaks. Custom livery used by the ION Services private military company.
  • Dahoman:* Two-tone white/dark green paint scheme with yellow streaks. Livery used by civilian transportation services.

(*) These camouflage schemes cannot be applied onto Mohawks/EH302s outside of the Virtual Garage.


Both the baseline model and civilian derivative have base armour values of 40.


Hull damage is calculated based on the integrity of other components on the Mohawk. Until all other parts of the helicopter have been critically damaged, the hull itself can never be "destroyed".


Each of the Mohawk's engines can withstand up to 28 points of damage (total of two). They take 300% increased damage from high-explosive (HE) type munitions.

If damaged: Reduced power output and makes it difficult to gain both speed and altitude.
If destroyed: Can potentially blow up the Mohawk instantly if overall status of helicopter is at critical.

Fuel tank[]

The Mohawk's fuel tank can only take a mere 28 points of damage before it ruptures. It takes 200% increased damage from HE-type munitions.

A damaged fuel tank will not cause a total loss unless damage levels are already at critical.


Consists of the pilot/gunner flight instruments, Multi-Functional Displays (MFD) and Helmet Mounted Displays (HMD). They can take up to 52 points of damage before suffering from failure.

If damaged: Occasional flickering of MFDs and pilot HMD. Other instruments unaffected.
If destroyed: MFDs and HMD disabled. Instruments may not display proper readings.

Main rotor[]

The main rotor can withstand up to 104 points of damage before their integrity fails. It takes 250% increased damage from HE-type munitions.

A disabled main rotor makes it increasingly difficult to maintain the Mohawk's lift. Unless the tail rotor has also been disabled however, the Mohawk can still be (reasonably) controlled at low airspeeds.

Tail rotor[]

The tail rotor can take a maximum of 52 points of damage before it suffers from failure. It will take 600% increased damage from HE-type munitions.

A disabled tail rotor will drastically increase torque from the main rotor. At low airspeeds, the Mohawk will become extremely difficult to control due to constant yaw shifting to one side.


Designed exclusively for transporting troops and cargo, the Mohawk has only one passive-type sensor available:

Sensor type Max range (Air/Ground) Min range (Air/Ground) Affected by environment? Target max speed (km/h) Azimuth coverage (°) Elevation coverage (°) Friendly identification range (m)
Passive A: 16,000 m
G: 16,000 m
A: 16,000 m
G: 16,000 m
Nothing 1e+10 km/h 360° 360° 12,000 m

Passive Radar[]

The Mohawk's Passive Radar can detect Active Radar threats in any direction (regardless of the helicopter's facing direction).


Main article: Firing from vehicles (mechanic)#CH-49 Mohawk


Main article: Slingloading#CH-49 Mohawk/EH302

The Mohawk has a maximum lifting capacity of 5,000 kg, and is able to slingload and transport a variety of small- to medium-sized ground vehicles.

The Mohawk is the AAF's only heavy airlift vehicle and its lifting capabilities do not match up to the abilities of the Huron and the Mi-290. For example, the Mohawk is unable to lift any variant of the AAF's MRAP. Even though the Strider is amphibious unlike the MRAPs of the other factions, the AAF is nonetheless at a significant disadvantage in heavy lifting options, as the Mohawk is also unable to lift Speedboats and transport trucks.

Fortunately however, it remains capable of transporting the AWC Nyx family of tankettes, which greatly assists the latter when it comes to addressing their mobility and fuel economy issues.


  • As stated in its Field Manual entry, the Mohawk is based off the real-world AgustaWestland "AW101 Merlin" helicopter, otherwise also designated as the "Merlin HC3" by the Royal Air Force.
  • The Mohawk was not originally available in the Alpha and was only later included in the Beta as part of the content added in Game Update 0.70.[1]
  • The Mohawk's side doors cannot be manually opened by the player but are automatically opened and closed when either entering the helicopter as a passenger, or when getting into the co-pilot's seat. However, the rear ramp can be opened by either the pilot or the two passengers sitting in the rear FFV-enabled seats.
    • Besides enabling the rear two passengers to fire out of the helicopter, the ramp's purpose is largely cosmetic and does not prevent passengers from either entering or exiting the Mohawk - regardless of whether it is closed or not.
  • Before Game Update 1.24, default items stored within the Mohawk's inventory were erroneously configured to contain CSAT weapons and ammunition as opposed to those used by the AAF.[2]
  • Prior to the release of the Tac-Ops DLC, the Mohawk had the same maximum slingload weight capacity as the NATO UH-80 Ghost Hawk (4,000 kg). This was later refactored following Game Update 1.78, which increased it to 5,000 kg instead.[3]
The information below details unused, pre-release or removed content.
  • Arma3-mohawk-03

    Unused "Luxurious" interior with invalid textures (top), compared with a hypothetical placement position on the final Mohawk interior (bottom).

    The Mohawk has an unused "Luxurious" interior model in the game files (Model name: interior_luxurious_f.p3d[4]).
    • It should also be noted that like the MH-9/M900 series, the Mohawk's model is clearly an upgraded port of the Heavy helicopter model[5] from Take On Helicopters, an earlier flight simulator title released by Bohemia Interactive.
    • The unused interior for the "Luxurious" model even references missing textures with filepaths that stem directly from TKoH (Texture filepath: hsim\air_us_h\helicopters_medium\).



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