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« Designated marksman rifle of an Eastern origin. It is a gas operated, semi-automatic rifle of a bullpup construction. The housing is made of polymer. The rifle is chambered in 6.5 mm and therefore is most suited to ranges from 500 to 700 meters. The CMR-76 is missing both the sides and the bottom rails but is equipped with a bipod by default.
Field Manual
The CMR-76 6.5 mm designated marksman rifle.

The CMR-76 is a 6.5 mm bullpup designated marksman rifle used exclusively by Pacific CSAT forces in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Apex DLC.


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The CMR-76 is a gas operated designated marksman rifle with a short-stroke piston that is chambered to fire cased 6.5×39 mm ammunition.

It loads from 20-round magazines, and can attain a fire rate of up to ~ 652 rounds per minute[CfgWp 6][Formula 1] with a muzzle velocity of 980 m/s.[CfgWp 7] It supports optics on its top rail[CfgWp 8] and can mount suppressors onto its muzzle.[CfgWp 9] However, it cannot be fitted with any flashlights or laser pointers, and eschews the need to mount underbarrel attachments since it utilises an integral bipod.[CfgWp 10]

The CMR-76 provides the operator with the ability to provide great sniper fire cover. Thanks to it having the highest muzzle velocity out of all DMRs in ArmA 3[CfgWp 7] and accuracy that is on par with that of the .338-chambered MAR-10[CfgWp 1], it can be effectively used to suppress enemies with precision accuracy at distances of up to ~ 790 metres.

It weighs the same as its NATO counterpart, the MXM[CfgWp 11], but is more accurate at medium-long ranges and has less recoil. Its bullpup layout also results in the CMR-76's inertia penalty being less than that of the MXM. As a matter of fact, its inertia penalty (0.5)[CfgWp 4] is the same as that of conventional assault rifles like the SPAR-16 (0.5)[CfgWp 12] despite the CMR-76 having a longer barrel.

The main downside to the CMR-76 stems from its small magazine capacity, which is limited to a maximum of twenty rounds[CfgMa 1] in stark contrast to the MXM's thirty or even up to one hundred if it is loaded with the MX SW's casket magazines.[CfgMa 2]

Furthermore, unlike most marksman rifles it is limited to a semi-automatic fire mode only. When it comes to attachment options, the CMR-76 only allows for sound suppressors and optical sights to be fitted. Due to the lack of a side rail, it is not possible to mount a laser pointer or flashlight.



The CMR-76's ironsights can be zeroed starting from a minimum of 100 metres up to a maximum of 600 metres (100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600).[CfgWp 13] It uses a default zeroing of 200 metres.[CfgWp 14] Neither the front nor rear sight are illuminated.

If an optical sight with a zeroing limit greater than 600 metres is attached onto the top rail (e.g. LRPS), the CMR-76 will only permit an absolute maximum zeroing of 1,400 metres.[CfgWp 15]


  • Black: Standard black paint finish. Primarily used by Pacific CSAT marksmen.
  • Hex: Arid Hexacam camouflage pattern.
  • Green Hex: Tropical Hexacam camouflage pattern.


Ammo parameter 6.5 mm (Ball)
Base damage value 10[CfgAm 1]
Aerodynamic friction -0.0009[CfgAm 2]
Muzzle velocity (m/s) 820[CfgMa 3][note 1]
Expected velocity (m/s) 800[CfgAm 3][note 2]
Penetration depth (mm) 12.3[CfgAm 4][Formula 2]
(14.7)[Formula 3]
Deflection angle (degrees) 15°[CfgAm 5]

The CMR-76 can only load one type of magazine.[CfgWp 16] It has a weight of 7[CfgMa 4] "mass" units:

6.5 mm 20Rnd Mag[]

Box magazine loaded with twenty rounds of cased 6.5 mm ammunition.[CfgMa 5]

None of the rounds fired will emit visible tracers.


  • The CMR-76 is directly based on the real-world "QBU-88" designed by the China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) for use by the People's Liberation Army, though the box magazine used by the CMR-76 contains twenty rounds rather than the ten on real QBU-88s.[1]
    • Given the PLA's adoption of the non-bullpup configured "QBU-191" designated marksman rifle in 2019, this rendition of the QBU-88 would be a highly anachronistic platform for ArmA 3's mid-2030s time period.
  • Prior to Game Update 1.64, it was not possible to mount the Stealth Sound Suppressor onto the CMR-76's muzzle (it was restricted to regular 6.5 mm suppressors).[2]
    • It was also possible to get stuck while reloading the CMR-76 whilst the user was prone. This was similarly corrected after the patch's release.[2]
  • Although portrayed as the service DMR of Pacific CSAT forces, the CMR-76 (along with the CAR-95 series) uses an incorrect naming nomenclature despite the fact that other weapons like the Type 115 are designated correctly.
    • The correct designation for the CMR-76 would actually be Type 88-1 (not to be confused with the real North Korean-made "Type 88" assault rifle used by the Korean People's Army). The -1 suffix would be to designate that it is a further modernised and improved variant of the existing QBU-88.
    • Curiously, it is also the only 6.5 mm-chambered firearm which fires cased ammunition rather than caseless.
The information below details unused, pre-release or removed content.
  • Prior to Apex's official release, teaser previews showed a large compensator installed on the CMR-76's muzzle. Although official screenshots still depict the compensator being installed[3], it was eventually removed from the in-game model for unknown reasons.


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  3. Weapon's initSpeed * Ammo's caliber * 15 / 1000 = 980 * 1 * 15 / 1000


  1. This value only applies to the magazine itself. The CMR-76's initSpeed value is higher and always overrides the magazine's muzzle velocity.
  2. Damage will be reduced if the projectile's velocity drops below this value.


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