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Faction Icon-side-blufor.png NATO
Type Combat Engineering Vehicle
Seats 3 seats:
  • 1× Driver
  • 1× Gunner
  • 1× Commander
Item capacity 3000 mass
Top speed 60 km/h
Fuel capacity 20 fuel units
Weight 65255.9 kg
Slingloadable No
Primary armament Main:
  • 1× RCWS HMG 12.7 mm
Secondary armament Defensive:
  • 1× Smoke Generator
Variants IFV-6c Panther, IFV-6a Cheetah

The CRV-6e Bobcat is a combat engineering variant of the IFV-6c Panther used exclusively by NATO forces in ArmA 3.


  • Roles:
    • Ground vehicle repair
    • Refuelling
    • Vehicle munitions rearmament
« While both IFV-6c Panther and IFV-6a Cheetah are based on the Israeli armored personnel carrier chassis, they serve different roles in combat. The Panther is an APC that boasts strong armor to achieve maximal protection for the transported crew. The standard Panther is armed with an RCWS HMG, 40 mm GMG and smoke grenades and it can take up to 8 soldiers in its cargo area. The Cheetah is a dedicated AA vehicle. The cargo space is taken up by ammunition storage and vehicle is armed with two 35 mm autocannons, four long range surface-to-air missiles and smoke grenades. The CRV (Combat Recovery Vehicle) variant of the IFV-6 also exists and is used by BLUFOR, designation CRV-6e Bobcat.
Field Manual


The Bobcat is designed to serve purely as a support vehicle. Nearby friendly vehicles can be repaired, rearmed and refuelled by the Bobcat.

For self-defence, the Bobcat is also fitted with an RCWS turret that is armed with a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun, and has smoke generators to provide concealment from anti-tank missiles and rockets.

The externally mounted RCWS comes pre-loaded with a single 200-round linked belt, and has another three belts left in reserve to reload from (for a combined total of 800 rounds).

As well as repairing and resupplying other vehicles, the Bobcat specialises in EOD.

Because it shares the same chassis with its APC and anti-aircraft counterparts, the Bobcat offers the same level of protection against small arms and cannon fire.

This protection is also extended to resistance against explosives and land mines, which allows it to run through minefields to clear the way for other forces while remaining relatively intact.

Notable Traits
This resistance is due in large part to the bulldozer shovel attached to the front of the Bobcat, which can trigger pressure-sensitive and magnetic mines early. Since they will explode away from the underbelly of the chassis, this minimises or altogether removes the risk of damage to the Bobcat itself.

Crew Capacity
The Bobcat has a seating capacity of just three personnel; the driver, gunner and commander.


  • Sand: Standard pattern-less dark tan paint scheme used by all NATO ground vehicles and certain aircraft. This can be universally employed in all types of terrain, but is more suited to arid and forested environments. Any camo nets fixed onto the Bobcat's hull will use a two-tone desert camouflage pattern scheme.
  • Olive: Tropical olive green paint scheme. Only useful for jungle or woodland environments. Camo nets attached to the Bobcat use a two-tone woodland camouflage pattern when this scheme is applied.


The Bobcat has a base armour value of 500 and uses Composite Armour plating. It cannot be fitted with either Explosive Reactive Armour blocks/panels nor slat cages.

The following highlighted positions serve as weak points on the Bobcat:

Green = Hull
Orange = Engine
Violet = Fuel tanks
Light blue = Treads

Note that in order to inflict actual damage, a munition must first penetrate through the surrounding armour plates and directly hit the component's weak point. Any strikes on non-highlighted parts will cause little (if any) noticeable damage.


The hull can resist up to 800 points of damage. Will cause a catastrophic kill if fully depleted.

Munition type Damage reduction (%) Velocity reduction (%)
Armour Piercing None 20
High-Explosive 80 50
High-Explosive Anti-Tank 80* 20
Tandem High-Explosive Anti-Tank 80* 10

(*) Reductions only apply to the explosive component of the munition i.e. Tandem HEAT explosive charge

If the hull has been compromised, no reductions will be applied to the velocity/raw damage of incoming projectiles.


Located in the front of the hull. It can only take up to 50 points of damage and has no resistance to explosive weapons.

50% of damage onto the engine is always inflicted onto the Bobcat's "health" pool. It will not however, cause a catastrophic kill if destroyed unless the Bobcat is critically damaged.

If damaged: Reduces power output, acceleration is decreased and it may become impossible to climb uphill.
If destroyed: Instantly immobilises the Bobcat.

Fuel tanks

The twin fuel tanks are able to take up to 250 points of damage before rupturing. They have a 60% resistance to explosive weapons.

At least 30% of incoming damage onto the fuel tanks will be shared with the Bobcat's "health" pool. A destroyed tank will not cause a catastrophic kill unless the Bobcat is critically damaged.

If damaged: Gradually leak fuel over time, but it will stop at a threshold of 70% of the Bobcat's total fuel capacity.
If destroyed: Causes it to rapidly lose its entire fuel capacity over several seconds.


Both treads can resist 650 points worth of damage. No amount of damage inflicted on them is transferred onto the Bobcat's "health" pool.

Destroying either one of the treads will hamper the Bobcat's handling but will not prevent it from moving. Destroying both will severely degrade the Bobcat's handling and can prevent it from moving while on rough terrain.


The RCWS turret can resist up to 250 points worth of damage. No amount of damage incurred is transferred onto the Bobcat's "health" pool.

Munition type Damage reduction (%) Velocity reduction (%)
Armour Piercing None 20
High-Explosive 60 50
High-Explosive Anti-Tank 60* 20
Tandem High-Explosive Anti-Tank 60* 10

(*) Reductions only apply to the explosive component of the munition i.e. Tandem HEAT explosive charge

If the RCWS turret's armour plating has been compromised, no reductions will be applied to the velocity/raw damage of incoming projectiles.

Commander viewfinder

The commander's optics can only resist 50 points of damage. It has no resistance against explosive weapons and can be disabled by small arms fire. No amount of damage is transferred onto the Bobcat's main "health" pool, however.

Disabling this component will prevent the commander from being able to rotate their optics independently.


NOTE: Cosmetic-only component modules with no gameplay effects are deliberately excluded from this section.

  • Camo Net (Hull): Drapes most of the hull with camouflage netting. Partially conceals covered sections from thermal sensors. The RCWS turret and several other components such the crane winch and top of the hull are not concealed.


The gunner exclusively controls the remote weapons turret, which is fitted with the RCWS HMG 12.7 mm heavy machine gun. The gunner has access to variable zoom optics and can toggle a day, night or black-hot/white-hot thermal vision mode:

RCWS HMG 12.7 mm


Base damage value Aerodynamic friction Initial velocity (m/s) Penetration depth (mm)
30 -0.00086 910 35.49

Intended for infantry, unarmoured/lightly-armoured vehicles and low-flying helicopters. It has an effective firing range of 800 metres up to a maximum of 1,500 metres.

The RCWS HMG can attain a fire rate of up to 600 rounds per minute and requires 20 seconds to reload a fresh box. Accuracy-wise, it has a fixed dispersion of 0.0012 rad regardless of distance.

The fire control system is only able to automatically zero on stationary targets and requires 1 second to finish adjusting. Manual zeroing is also possible, though only in increments of 100 m up to a maximum of 2000 m.


  • As with its parent vehicle, the Bobcat is based on the real-world "Namer" APC. More specifically, it is a modified prototype variant known as the "Achzaka" ARV.
    • In turn, the Achzaka resulted in the creation of the "Nemmera" ARV which is based on the "Merkava Mark IV" MBT chassis.
  • Both the rear crane and anti-mine bulldozer shovel are completely non-functional in normal gameplay, though the shovel can be animated via scripting and does provide some resistance against buried land mines (such as AT Mines or M6 SLAMs).
    • The capabilities of the bulldozer shovel are demonstrated in both the Armed Assault showcase and Remnants of War campaign, with the Bobcat being used to push away vehicle wrecks in both situations and detonating a cluster of anti-personnel mines.
  • The RCWS turret originally used a 6.5 mm light machine gun despite being clearly modelled with the same RCWS turret as the Hunter HMG. It was refactored with the release of Game Update 1.82, which finally changed it to a proper 12.7 mm-chambered HMG.
  • Until the release of the Global Mobilization Creator DLC, the Bobcat was the first and only armoured combat engineering vehicle of its kind in ArmA 3 (and in the entire series).


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