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Camp Konrad is a military installation located in the semi-abandoned region of Nadbór, Livonia.


Staffed by personnel from the U.S. Army and the Livonian Defense Force, Camp Konrad (Polish: Obóz Konrad) operates as a logistics hub for Exercise Electron-39.

It is one of many installations established as part of the Electron joint military exercises held between NATO members on a biennial basis in Livonia.

Colonel Richter occasionally directs operations at Camp Konrad, though the duty mostly falls onto Major Don Homewood who oversees all activities in the region as operations officer.


Assembly/briefing area


To the east of the command tent lies the assembly/briefing area. It can be used to access the guard tower on its northern side.

Command tent


The command tent is located in the middle of the camp, west of the briefing area. Maj. Homewood and his HQ staff operate from this tent.

It is climate controlled and is powered by solar panels fitted onto the roof.



A helipad, assembled with raised cargo platforms, is located on the camp's south-eastern corner. It is large enough to support a single medium-lift utility helicopter.

LDF checkpoint


The T-junction at the base of the dirt road (at grid coordinates 065-014) leading out of the camp's north-western side comprises of a roadblock manned by personnel from the LDF.

H-barriers obstruct the road leading west towards the abandoned village of Polana. The road leading north-east is not blocked and can be used to reach the nearby waste disposal burn pit.


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