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Camp Rogain was a military installation located on the island of Stratis in the Republic of Altis and Stratis.


Located in the northern half of Stratis, Camp Rogain is built at the top of a hill overlooking the valleys to its south. The camp is specifically named after the orienteering sport of rogaining, which was a popular pastime of U.S. peacekeepers stationed there.

The installation features six portable structures (three remain disused), a command centre and a small helipad. The entire camp is fortified by H-barriers and a watchtower, positioned facing to the north.

Only one road leads in and out of the camp which connects to another dirt trail. The trail can be used to reach Air Station Mike-26 in the south or the Kamino Firing Range to its east.

Camp Rogain was eventually dismantled and as of September 2035, remains completely abandoned by both NATO/AAF personnel.


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