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Camp Tempest was a military base located on the island of Stratis in the Republic of Altis and Stratis.


Camp Tempest was a military base built on the western coast of Stratis. It served as a launch point for small patrol boats and other naval craft. It is the only other military dock on Stratis other than the larger one at the Stratis Air Base.

Tempest is located due west of Air Station Mike-26 and just north of the abandoned fishing village of Girna. It overlooks the Kyfi Bay, and is built at the mouth of a valley from the centre of the island. It can be accessed via the dirt road that leads straight into the camp.

It was formerly operated by peacekeepers from NATO's multi-national Task Force Aegis. Following its takeover, Tempest was repurposed into a jointly-operated AAF/CSAT facility and was used to hold high-value prisoners.



A small brig served as a holding cell for important prisoners.

Command centre

The largest portable in the centre of the base serves as Tempest's command centre. Two other smaller portables serve both as a barracks and supply depot for the camp's troopers.


An L-shaped dock extends out into the bay. It is not deep enough to support large ships, and is only intended for smaller craft.


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