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Carl Dressler is a minor character in ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign.


An officer from the USMC's Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA) division, Dressler mostly serves as the field adviser for Captain Shaftoe and the other Force Reconnaissance fireteams deployed to Chernarus.

Dressler also coordinates closely with CDF intelligence officer Lieutenant Tomas Marny, with the former acting as the USMC's liaison to government forces.

Operation Harvest Red (2009)

As full-scale civil war breaks out in the Green Sea nation of Chernarus, the USMC's 27th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) is deployed to the country at the request of the Chernarussian government-in-exile.

Dressler and his team of agents from the MCIA are also dispatched to provide HUMINT and other intelligence support as joint American/Chernarussian troops work to retake the South Zagoria region from the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ) insurgency group.

Barely a week after the U.S. intervention, ChDKZ forces are now in full retreat and are slowly being driven out of their hiding locations throughout South Zagoria; mostly thanks to the intelligence gathered by Dressler and a Force Recon fireteam, callsign Razor Team. Stationed at FOB Reforger, a joint CDF/USMC base in Elektrozavodsk, Dressler continually relayed intel to Razor and other Force Recon teams. Eventually, the ChDKZ's second-in-command, Mikola Bardak, is taken into custody. However, the ChDKZ leader Gregori Lopotev continued to evade capture.

Before the Americans could continue their offensive, terrorists attack the heart of the Russian Federation's capital, Moscow. The bombings in Red Square claim the lives of two hundred Russian citizens and severely injure hundreds more.

The Russian government places blame squarely on the Chernarussian National Party (NAPA), a fiercely anti-Russian rebel group that was fighting against both the CDF and ChDKZ. The Russians immediately demand the withdrawal of the American task force due to their "incompetence" for allowing terrorism to spread to Russia itself.

« There's just too much room for error out there. Now the Russian 'peacekeepers' are moving in we need to extract Spukayev and recover his files before something goes wrong.
Dressler tasks both Razor and Sabre Teams with one more objective before leaving Manhattan

Although Dressler and the rest of the MCIA personnel also suspect NAPA as being responsible for the attack, Dressler himself remains unconvinced in light of the Russian government's sudden move to "intervene" in the civil war.

Prior to departing FOB Manhattan, Dressler informs the Marines about a ChDKZ defector known only as "Spukayev". In exchange for amnesty and safety, Spukayev was willing to come forth with vital information regarding a top-secret plan called "Operation Cobalt" which was supposedly linked to the bombings in Moscow.

Under his advice, Shaftoe tasks Razor Team with retrieving vital documents from Spukayev's residence at his cabin in the woodlands to the north-west while another unit, callsign Sabre Team, bring back the defector to Manhattan for debriefing.

As both Razor and Sabre Team prepare move out, Dressler eventually boards one of the last helicopters at Manhattan alongside Shaftoe, and heads back to the USS Khe Sanh.

Post-Operation Harvest Red

Following the completion of Operation Harvest Red and the CDF's triumph over the ChDKZ, Dressler is present alongside Generals Armstrong and Begunov aboard the Khe Sanh as they congratulate Razor Team on their success.

Personality and Appearance

Dressler is a white male with a short, black head of hair and lacks any sort of facial hair. He is always seen donning the standard attire of a USMC officer that consists of an uncustomised, MARPAT Woodland-camouflaged MCCUU and 8-Point cap.

Not much is known about Dressler himself save that he's a fairly analytical person. Dressler is shown to be quite orderly, and is someone who always prioritises getting the task at hand accomplished.


  • Similar to Ben Herrera, Dressler is voiced with a British/Australian accent despite clearly being an American character.

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