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Carrier Lite
Faction Icon-side-blufor.png NATO
Icon-side-blufor.png CTRG
Armour rating Level III
Mass 80
Storage capacity 140



The Carrier Lite is a ballistic-resistant vest worn by both NATO forces and CTRG operatives in ArmA 3.


Versatile and relatively light to wear, the Carrier Lite is the standard-issue plate carrier vest worn by all NATO infantrymen. It weighs a "mass" of 80 and provides enough space for up to 140 units worth of ammunition/gear.

Rated at Level III protection standards, the Carrier Lite's plate inserts cover the user's chest, diaphragm and abdomen from ballistic threats. Each part retains identical base armour values of 16 apiece (with 70% damage reduction modifiers), and can shrug off a single point blank hit from a 7.62 mm bullet.

Compared to its bulkier cousin, the amount of surface coverage and protection offered by the Carrier Lite is quite mediocre. It provides only the bare minimum of resistance to gunfire and offers almost zero protection from explosives; only the wearer's torso is covered by the plate while the rest of the body (pelvic region/arms) remain completely exposed.


  • Green: Ranger green colour with olive drab straps. Standard issue for Mediterranean NATO forces.
  • Green (No Flag): Identical to regular ranger green-coloured vests but lacks the subdued U.S. flag patch. Exclusively used by CTRG Group 15 operatives.
  • Black: All-black colour scheme.
  • Tropic: Tropical MTP camouflage pattern scheme with forest green-coloured straps. Only employed by Pacific NATO forces.
  • Woodland: Subdued Woodland MTP camouflage pattern scheme with dark green coloured straps. Exclusive to Eastern European NATO forces.


  • Carrier Lites appear to be based on the "CAGE Plate Carrier" (CPC) designed by Crye Precision LLC.
  • Corporal Ben Kerry retains a unique version of the Carrier Lite with a tag of his last name ("KERRY") specifically attached to the front of the vest. Aside from the tag and some minor cosmetic changes however, it remains statistically identical to regular Carrier Lites.
  • Despite being the standard-issue vest of every single one of NATO's regional branches, Mediterranean NATO forces lack access to a dedicated, arid MTP-camouflaged version of the Carrier Lite.
  • Only the ranger green and black variants were initially available upon ArmA 3's release. The Tropic variant was not added until the Apex expansion pack, while the Woodland scheme would not become available until the Contact expansion's release.


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