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Carrier Rig
Faction Icon-side-blufor.png NATO
Icon-side-blufor.png CTRG
Armour rating Level IV
Mass 100
Storage capacity 140



The Carrier Rig is a ballistic-resistant vest worn by both NATO forces and CTRG operatives in ArmA 3.


A heavier and up-armoured version of the Carrier Lite, the Carrier Rig is fitted with a hydration pack and tougher plate which provides enhanced protection for its wearer. It weighs a total of 100 "mass" and provides storage for up to 140 units worth of ammunition/items.

Unlike its lighter counterpart, the Carrier Rig is rated at Level IV protection standards and retains a base armour value of 20 for the wearer's chest, diaphragm and abdomen.

Although surface coverage of the wearer's torso is essentially the same, the Carrier Rig boasts an 80% damage reduction modifier for each section of the vest. It will easily allow the wearer to survive a point blank 7.62 mm bullet and one additional hit from a smaller calibre round (or potentially two at extreme distances).


  • Green: Ranger green colour with olive drab straps. Standard issue for Mediterranean NATO forces.
  • Green (No Flag): Identical to regular ranger green-coloured vests but lacks the subdued U.S. flag patch. Exclusively used by CTRG Group 15 operatives.
  • Black: All-black colour scheme.
  • Tropic: Tropical MTP camouflage pattern scheme with forest green-coloured straps. Only employed by Pacific NATO forces.
  • Woodland: Subdued Woodland MTP camouflage pattern scheme with dark green coloured straps. Exclusive to Eastern European NATO forces.


  • Along with the Carrier Lite, the NATO Carrier Rig appears to be modelled after Crye Precision LLC's "CAGE Plate Carrier" (CPC) vest.
  • Despite the fact that no regular NATO units (apart from combat divers and specific recon units) utilise 5.56 mm-chambered firearms, the two magazine pouches strangely contain 5.56 mm STANAG magazines.
  • Like with Carrier Lites, the ranger green and black schemes were the only two options available upon ArmA 3's official release. The Tropic variant would not be included until the Apex expansion's release, while the Woodland variant was not added until the Contact expansion.
The information below details unused, pre-release or removed content.
  • Promotional pre-Alpha screenshot showing NATO infantrymen with Khaki Carrier Rigs.

    Two hidden textures for Carrier Rigs exist within ArmA 3's files; a khaki brown (Texture name: vests_khk_co.paa) and coyote brown (Texture name: vests_cbr_co.paa) coloured scheme.
    • Though they cannot be used in-game without usage of a custom addon, both variants could be seen on several promotional screenshots released during ArmA 3's pre-Alpha phase of development.
    • Unlike in the final version of the game where NATO infantrymen are depicted wearing ranger green Carrier Rigs, the pre-Alpha intended to have NATO units wear khaki/coyote brown-coloured vests instead.


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