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This category specifically lists characters who have ambiguous statuses in canon. This applies to both protagonists and antagonists, as well as main, supporting, and minor characters.

For a character to fall into this category they must either:

  • Have unclear or unstated situations with regards to whether they're dead or alive both in-game and on official material (i.e. Gregori Lopotev from ArmA 2).
  • Are not clarified as to what decision is made regarding their status in the case of campaigns with multiple endings or outcomes (i.e. Kyros Kalogeros from ArmA 3).

A character does not fall into this category if:

  • They are mentioned in later games as having canonically survived the events of a campaign.
  • They aren't seen again in the campaign but are not depicted with being in an uncertain situation in their last appearance (the character escapes to safety but is not mentioned again i.e. Tom from ArmA: Cold War Assault).

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