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PKP 7.62 mm machine gun featured in ArmA 2.

Machineguns are the next step up from squad automatic weapons/light support weapons. Like SAWs/LSWs, they retain large magazines and are usually belt-fed, but can maintain much higher rates of fire. They are larger and heavier than LSWs, but make up for it in their sheer lethality.

A single machinegun can easily put out as much firepower as several well-equipped riflemen. They play a key role in the suppression of the enemy, allowing the riflemen to manoeuvre, and come in three main types - light, medium, and heavy.

Light machineguns tend to fire lighter rifle rounds - like the 6.5 mm round used in certain assault rifles. Medium machineguns on the other hand, tend to utilise heavier rounds such as the 7.62 mm or 9.3 mm. Heavy machineguns are generally crew-served or vehicle-mounted and sling the upper range of rifle calibres - such as the .50 cal (12.7 mm) employed by static weapons.

Abbreviated to:

Alternately referred to as:
General-purpose machine gun (GPMG)

Light machine gun (LMG), Medium machine gun (MMG), Heavy machine gun (HMG)

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