« Huh, that's gratitude for ya', 'Hey, excellent work Razor! Now clean my boots!' Jesus...
Chad Rodriguez

Chad Rodriguez was a main character in ArmA 2's Harvest Red campaign.


« It's hard not to like Rodriguez but Lord knows that Marine can be a pain in the ass. Despite prodigious combat skills I think his chances of promotion are limited at this time.
Captain Shaftoe's evaluation of Rodriguez

A prime example of the Marine Corps straightening out a delinquent youth, Rodriguez has had a somewhat turbulent childhood and teenage years due to being orphaned at a young age.

However, he managed to stay on the right side of the law in spite of his patchy past, and joined the Marine Corps soon after graduating from high school.

Though Rodriguez is the second youngest member of Razor Team after his peer Brian O'Hara, he's actually a battle-hardened veteran who has already seen two successive tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, long before he joined the Corps' Force Reconnaissance units. He was thereafter assigned as the heavy gunner for callsign Razor Team.


One year after Chernarus is liberated from the ChDKZ, Rodriguez is deployed alongside fellow team member Randolph Sykes on a covert mission deep inside Takistan. It is eventually declared that he was officially killed in action during the events of Operation Fiery Mountain, though the circumstances of the mission and his death continue to remain classified to this day.

Personality and Appearance

Rodriguez is a Latino male in his early thirties with a shaved head and greying hair. His usual attire consists of a customised Rhodesian Recon Vest (RRV) plate carrier with belt pouches, and a MARPAT-camouflaged Flame Resistant Organizational Gear (FROG) uniform. He is always seen hauling a woodland-camouflaged ILBE Assault Pack.

« Rodriguez: Man I ain't never going to forget the look on that guy's face. You know that look guys get when they've filled their shorts?
O'Hara: Sure Robo, I wake up to your mug every day.
Rodriguez: You wish...
The level of O'Hara and Rodriguez's usual exchanges

Regarded as a high maintenance Marine by his peers, Rodriguez has a reputation for carelessness and recklessness, not to mention a foot-in-mouth tendency to speak out loud against his superiors, or those that he develops a dislike for such as Nikola Nikitin; both of which almost always end up with him being reprimanded by his team leader (even though ironically enough, Rodriguez was proven to be right in the case of the Nikitin).

He shares a friendly rivalry with Brian O'Hara who is just a year younger than him, and the two often bicker and tease each other over random things just to pass time.


  • Rodriguez is nicknamed as "Robo" by his fellow team members.
  • Like Miles, Rodriguez is also an Afghanistan/Iraq War veteran.
  • Rodriguez' appearance is based on Gunther Doe. He is voiced by Jeffrey Smith.


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