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« Commander, we're up against a formidable opponent. They have guns, they're well trained and even better organized. There must be a mastermind behind this. These are no mere partisans. We have to find out who their leader is.
Martin's initial analysis of Kostas' forces.

Colonel Martin is a deuteragonist in ArmA: Mobile Ops' storyline campaign. In-game, he serves as the player's adjutant and adviser.


« Colonel Martin's background is somewhat misty. Even higher officer staff are uncertain about his previous assignments and all queries to the military database have only provided one answer so far: classified. He is thought to be a former member of special forces. One thing is very clear to everyone who has ever met him though: he is a stern negotiator and an excellent tactician who always delivers on his promises.
Official background description

Liberator of Lignos


Personality and Appearance

Martin appears as a middle-aged man with greying hair. He is always seen wearing his signature beret and camouflaged uniform.

A calm and collected person, Martin is essentially the direct opposite of General Kostas. Whereas Kostas is also cunning but is quick to anger and loses focus easily, Martin remains stoic even in the face of a major crisis.

He always keeps the commander informed and up-to-date on all the details surrounding the operation, and offers detailed tactical analyses of his opponents.


  • Martin's likeness appears to be based on Maurizio Arrivabene, the former team principal of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One racing team.
  • Martin is featured on an advertising billboard in ArmA 3, though he isn't actually referred to by name (nor does he make a physical appearance).


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