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« NATO peacekeepers returning to Kavala discover that the situation has gone from bad to worse.
Mission Description

Damage Control is the final mission of ArmA 3's Prologue campaign.


The player controls Task Force Aegis peacekeeper Sergeant Conway. Despite their best efforts, the sole survivor of the AAF convoy has passed away from his injuries. Conway and Staff Sergeant Thomas Adams have been recalled to Kavala, but only return to the sight of a one-sided massacre after the FIA insurgents had staged an uprising.

Conway's role/class:

  • Infantry / Team Leader

Default loadout:

There are no alternate pieces of equipment to choose from.



  • (1) Await Reinforcements
  • (2) Board the Helicopter
  • (3) Board the Hunter
  • (4) Investigate




  • Conway must survive
  • Do not attack any NATO, AAF or CSAT personnel
  • Do not leave the city


Primary 1: Await Reinforcements

Wait at the truck until the opening dialogue is finished.

A friendly helicopter will soon arrive to drop off callsign Bravo 2-3 to secure the convoy. Shortly after that, a CSAT helicopter will also hover nearby to being dropping off some of their own peacekeepers (worry not, they're not here to fight you).

Primary 2: Board the Helicopter

Follow Adams to the LZ and board the same helicopter Bravo 2-3 arrived in.

Primary 3: Board the Hunter

Get out of the helicopter once it arrives back on the outskirts of the city. Hop into the waiting MRAP as a passenger.

Primary 4: Investigate

Move to the office building where the AAF leader is standing alongside some CSAT soldiers. A cutscene will play before the mission (and campaign) comes to an end.


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