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Dewan Robinson is a main character in ArmA: Armed Assault's Royal Flush campaign.


Robinson was formerly a member of the Black Element's security team, codenamed Royal Flush. He served as the team's heavy gunner.

Royal Flush (2007)

Under the command of team leader John Wicks, Royal Flush are hired by the newly-crowned Queen from the Kingdom of Sahrani.

The insurgents - mostly comprised of a mixture of pro-Communist rebels and disenfranchised (former) Northern citizens, banded together to overthrow her reign as the Kingdom's policies did not benefit the poorer North.

However, details begin to emerge that the insurgents held access to biological weapons. As part of their new contract, Royal Flush were to not only retrieve the biological weapons but to put down the uprising as well.

« Larson: So where is the welcoming committee? A red carpet, champagne--
Robinson: They probably ran out of champagne... or they forgot to read over the instructions on how to welcome guests properly.
Robinson's team arrive on Sahrani

Their first priority was to extract one of the Kingdom's agents from a quarry in the country's north. Arriving by helicopter, Robinson's team came under fire from the insurgents and were forced to retaliate. The agent was rescued soon after, and Robinson's team were able to learn the location of the main insurgent camp.

Under the cover of darkness, Royal Flush quickly assaulted the camp the next day. Robinson and the others managed to clear out the camp's defenders so that the military's NBC specialists could safely move in, though several insurgents had managed to flee in the chaos.

Robinson's team leader, John Wicks, reported their success (and failure to intercept the remaining fighters) back to the Kingdom's Chancellor. The Chancellor was less than pleased to hear that some had managed to flee during their attack, and immediately ordered Royal Flush to hunt down the survivors.

Wicks agreed to continue their contract, but refused to follow through with the Chancellor's demands to kill the would-be escapees. Robinson's and the rest of Royal Flush moved to intercept the insurgent convoy, disabling the lead vehicle and holding its riders at gunpoint.

Robinson's team are shocked to discover that their insurgent escapee was actually Crown Prince Orlando, the son and true heir to the Kingdom's throne. He had not actually died from an aviation accident as had been claimed by the government, but was in hiding and was secretly leading the insurgency.

His explanations are cut short by the Chancellor however, who orders his bodyguards to silence the Prince. Robinson's team puts a stop to the Chancellor's men and after a tense stand-off between the two sides, open fire on each other. The Chancellor and his men are cut down by Robinson's team, but Wicks is also hit and dies soon after, passing the reigns of leadership to second-in-command Kurt Lambowski.

Lambowski agrees to aid the Prince with Robinson and the rest of Royal Flush also following suit. Together with the insurgents, Royal Flush spearhead the liberation of two of the Kingdom's secret concentration camps holding political prisoners and opponents of the Queen; one of whom turns out to be the Prince's former advisor, Raoul Gonzales.

Gonzales concocts a plan to announce the Prince's survival to the entire nation and his claim to the throne. With the backing of Robinson's team, they assault the country's largest TV station and secure it for the Prince to record his live broadcast. The Queen attempts to put a stop to their plans and dispatches troops to retake the studio, but Robinson and the rest of Royal Flush manage to repel their attack.

Thanks to the efforts of Robinson's team, the Prince succeeds in spreading news of his survival to the nation. Demonstrators throughout the Kingdom immediately demanded the resignation of the Queen, but the latter attempts to bargain with her brother by asking for amnesty in exchange for (peacefully) giving up the throne.

Their contract now fulfilled, Robinson and the rest of Royal Flush discuss their post-mission plans together. Lambowski had already arranged a flight out of the country at the first opportunity, and the team were due to depart from the Kingdom on the following day.

However before they could leave for their hotel, Gonzales ran after Lambowski and pleaded for them to stay. His private sources had informed him that the Queen was planning to double-cross her brother at the negotiations. Gonzales insisted that Robinson's team go after the Prince before he could be assassinated.

But with no financial incentive to motivate them and risk of the peace deal being "sabotaged" by their sudden presence, Lambowski refused to accept Gonzales' request. Robinson's team headed back towards their hotel later that night for some rest.


« What a bunch of shit! Our last night on a tropical island surrounded by lagoons and girls and we didn't even set the wheels into motion.

Back at the hotel, Gonzales angrily returns that evening to talk with Robinson's team. He tells them of the Prince's death, blaming Lambowski and his men for their lack of wisdom and empathy. Worse yet, the Queen had declared a state of martial law throughout the country and sooner or later, would be dispatching troops to hunt down the supporters of her brother; Royal Flush being of particular high priority.

With no alternative left, Robinson's team decided to accelerate their departure from Sahrani. Several hours later, they met with Gonzales near the international airport and searched for a means to extract quietly. Robinson's team were able to find a usable plane after a few moments of searching and quickly took off.

What becomes of Robinson and the rest of Royal Flush in the aftermath of the Prince's failed uprising remains uncertain, as the team is disavowed by Black Element and are declared to be wanted fugitives by the Kingdom...

Personality and Appearance

Robinson is a black male with a shaved face and short black hair. His standard attire consists of a black tracksuit and olive green pants, but prefers to not put on any headgear and simply dons a set of black shades.

For personal protection, he wears a coyote brown-coloured Interceptor Body Armor (IBA) vest with extra pouches to store M249 boxes.

« Coming for second helpings, darlin's? My M249 has enough ammo for everyone!
Robinson's taunts while in combat

Sardonic but relatively easygoing, Robinson always remains optimistic regardless of the situation (in contrast to the rest of Royal Flush) and tries to lighten the tension by cracking a dry joke.


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