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SPIN-OFF: The following information stems from a spin-off expansion or third party Creator DLC and is considered to be non-canon in the main Armaverse timeline.
« The Bluebells want us gone. Cancel the exercises, by all means! But this?! This is suicide by logistics. I swear, if the Russians invade, IT COULDN'T BE TOO FUCKING SOON!
Don Homewood

Don Homewood was a supporting character in ArmA 3's official, non-canon First Contact campaign.


Homewood was one of the senior officers from the U.S. Army's training contingent operating in Livonia as part of NATO's Exercise Electron-39.

He was subordinate to Colonel Richter and was initially stationed at Camp Konrad, a forward outpost located in Livonia's semi-abandoned Nadbór region.

For radio communications, Homewood went by the callsign of Alchemist.

First Contact (2039)

On June 19th, a friendly fire incident involving a U.S. drone resulted in the deaths of seven Livonian soldiers. At the time, Homewood was at the SIŁA Factory where the incident took place, though fortunately he wasn't caught within the blast zone.

After a series of highly publicised diplomatic disputes between the United States and Livonia, Electron-39 is officially cancelled at the request of the Livonian government two weeks after the incident. At this point, he and his men were forcibly relocated to Camp Kresnik. As part of the drawdown, Konrad would also be decommissioned shortly.

Homewood and the remainder of the senior Army officers were then left responsible with coordinating the withdrawal of all U.S. troops out of the country in just 48 hours.

Overburdened by the chaotic schedule, Homewood could do little but scramble all the men under his command to assist in the withdrawal. It didn't help that he had to deal with troublemakers who regularly caused disputes between U.S. troops and the Livonians.

He specifically called up Specialist Aiden Rudwell, one of his best soldiers to assist in monitoring said troublemakers. Glad that the Specialist instantly knew who Homewood was referring to, he entrusted him with the responsibility of keeping the latter out of trouble.

« He's on task... carting our literal shit over to the burn pit. And sorry to say, I want you to tag along. Stop him from getting on the business end of an MP's nightstick.

However, it didn't take long before everything fell apart once more. Without notice, a massive "spaceship" appears over the skies of Nadbór and discharges a powerful electromagnetic shockwave through the entire region. Helicopters begin to literally fall out the sky and portable electronics are fried completely.

« Alchemist to any station. Flash. This is an emergency broadcast. Electronic equipment disrupted. Severe damage to all communications. Trunk network down.Confirmed sighting of Alpha Foxtrot Oscar. Request immediate assistance at Camps Konrad and Kresnik. Relay to address group: North Star. Authentication is: November Sierra.
Homewood relays a distress signal to NATO command

In the ensuing chaos, Homewood manages to rally all U.S. and Livonian forces back at Kresnik to discuss their next plan of action. Two researchers from the Astra corporation had arrived and briefed him and his men on the situation; they were in a first contact scenario with extraterrestrial life and it was important that they attempt to communicate with the aliens peacefully. But before that, they needed to gather some samples from the aliens first. One such object, an orb-like entity, had been detected in the nearby woods.

Homewood wasn't particularly enthusiastic about the researchers' plans but had no choice but to accede; they had no way to contact NATO high command with their long range communications disabled. He tasked Lieutenant John Kingsly and his fireteam with escorting one of the researchers' scientific drones. Specialist Rudwell would be the one guiding the drone remotely.

« Remain in sight. Slow your roll and keep those safeties on. Strict fire discipline. And don't - for fuck's sake - touch anything. That's why you've got the robot. Over.

The team made its way towards the object on foot and eventually, Kingsly's team reported that they were witnessing a sight that was physically impossible: trees, rocks and even vehicles were seemingly suspended in mid-air. Homewood ordered Kingsly's men to halt while Rudwell drove the drone through the area. After retrieving a sample from the orb however, Rudwell's terminal loses connectivity and fails.

« Point Hopi. An alien entity's heading your way! ROE. Do not engage! I say again, do not engage!

Homewood ordered him to head to Point Hopi to grab another functioning terminal. Not long after, one of the alien "drones" appears near Hopi and hovers in a static position above the outpost. Homewood commanded the troops at Hopi, led by Captain Spender, to quickly establish a perimeter around the drone, while the Livonians did the same on the other side. Rudwell was ordered to divert to link up with the team in the event that his interpreter skills were needed.

Slowly and carefully, the team tried to communicate with the drone by flashing lights and playing classical music over loudspeakers. Spender's team reported back that the drone briefly "responded" but closed off its transmissions shortly afterwards. Homewood made the decision to order Rudwell to move in on foot to contact the drone directly. The plan immediately goes awry after the Specialist is struck by what appeared to be an attack on his mind. The man goes into a seizure and falls unconscious.

Believing that the drone was hostile, Spender reported back that one of his men had panickedly opened fire on it whilst the Livonians did the same. Homewood ordered them to cease fire and the team complied, but the Livonians continued to attack the alien. Suddenly, the drone reacts to the fire and retaliates, wiping out both sides with powerful gravity-based attacks.


With the alien entity now confirmed to be hostile to humans, Homewood prepared for a plan of attack against it. However the troublemaker that Rudwell had been accompanying, Corporal Jack Stype, vehemently raised his objections to the Major's plan, stating that any further attacks on the drone would spark an "intergalactic war".

Dismissing his concerns as nonsensical, Homewood returned to briefing his men. Just then, Cpl. Stype returns with a handful of explosive charges, threatening to detonate them in an attempt to halt Homewood's counterattack. Homewood and the surrounding soldiers immediately ordered him to drop the explosives.

« Oh, shit, man. The Don's pulled his pistol on Jack!

However Stype refused to drop the charges, forcing Homewood to unholster his sidearm and point it at the Corporal. He immediately warned him to back down or he would resort to lethal force. With tensions at boiling point, Stype panickedly threw one of the charges at Homewood and detonates it. Homewood was instantly killed in the ensuing blast.

Personality and Appearance

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