Dorida is a town located on the island of Altis in the Republic of Altis and Stratis.


Satellite map view of the town.

Map coordinates Grid coordinates
19336.869, 13252.28 193-132

Dorida is located to the east of the nation's capital, Pyrgos. It can be accessed through the collector road that breaks off from the main highway.

This road terminates at the beaches east of the city overlooking Chalkeia Bay. Alternately, sightseers and surf enthusiasts can travel further north-east to reach Cape Kategidis, which offers a spectacular view of Thelos Bay to the north.


In the initial stages of NATO's invasion of Altis, a U.S.-led amphibious strike force was able to establish an outpost on the beaches east of Dorida after landing in the early hours of August 8th, 2035. They advanced toward the town and quickly overran its Altian defenders within hours of their assault.

The 1st MechRgt. races east to repel the Americans.

Given their dangerously close proximity to Pyrgos, the AAF deemed their presence a threat to the nation's capital, and responded by mobilising a detachment of elite tankers from the 1st Mechanized Regiment.

Utilising advanced T-140 Angara tanks loaned to them by their Iranian advisers, the 1st MechRgt. launched a counteroffensive against the Americans, cutting their way through numerous anti-tank fortifications and tank destroyers stationed within.

After annihilating the garrisoned Americans, the 1st MechRgt. thundered towards the beach where the strike force had initially landed. They encountered stiff resistance in the form of more AT launchers and even a CAS plane, which succeeded in knocking out a few of encroaching Altian tanks before it was finally shot down. Eventually, the beach outpost was destroyed and the remaining Americans were (literally) driven into the sea.

However, the Altians' victory was short-lived as over the course of two days, Dorida would fall to the invaders and their insurgent allies. Chalkeia to the south was captured by another NATO strike force on the 9th, whilst Pyrgos would follow suit later that night. The loss of Dorida and the surrounding cities irreversibly split the AAF's supply lines in two, dividing the bulk of its combat units and forcing them to retreat to the north-east and south (respectively).


  • Depending on the player's actions in Salient Force, Dorida can potentially be razed into the ground by artillery which results in a severe loss of civilian life.


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