Dragan Kasun is a minor antagonist in ArmA 2's Operation Silver Lion campaign.


Dragan is the brother of Andrej Kasun and is one of Colonel Radan Miyović's senior officers.

Like his brother, they have loyally served with Col. Miyović's band of Bystrican dissidents. In spite of the civil war's end, they have continued to wage their campaign of terror throughout the semi-autonomous region.

He mainly works alongside Borz Kazbekov. Together, the duo are primarily responsible for the recruitment and training of militia fighters.

Operation Silver Lion (2010)

Accused of carrying out ethnic cleansings against the people of Bystrica, Czech military forces are deployed into the region with orders to arrest Dragan and his comrades.

What Dragan did not expect however, was for Miyović and his brother to be the first to be captured by Czech special operations. Under interrogation, the duo revealed more information on the whereabouts of Dragan and his associate Kabezkov, along with arms smuggler Aslan Radayev.

« Don't shoot! Hold that dog! Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Don't hurt me! I give up!
Dragan surrenders to Czech troops

Dragan attempted to make a getaway under the cover of darkness but was tracked down by dogs before he could get far enough. Completely surrounded, Dragan surrendered peacefully and was taken into custody by Czech forces.


  • Like his brother, Dragan can also die at the hands of Sgt. Kouba in Man's Best Friend. Canonically however, he is always captured alive no matter the outcome.

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