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« The open reflex ERCO sight is the ideal sighting solution for rifles and carbines and is designed with standard rail mounts in mind. Features medium range optics and a close range collimator to achieve maximal effectivity in combat as an operator. Recommended for all CTRG and NATO forces.
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The ERCO (full name: Enhanced Rifle Combat Optics) is a low-powered riflescope used exclusively by CTRG operatives. It was added with the release of the Apex DLC.


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This is a premium asset that requires ownership of the Apex expansion pack.

The ERCO has a magnification strength of 2x and has a backup collimator sight located above the primary optic for use in close quarters. It is optimised for the 5.56 mm rifle cartridge, though it can also be utilised for 7.62 mm-chambered firearms as well. This includes:

The primary sight's reticle uses an illuminated horseshoe shape and is visible when seen through thermal optics. The backup collimator uses a red dot for its reticle. Both the primary scope and the backup sight are thermally transparent ('hot' targets will be visible when viewed through thermal vision).


  • Black: Chrome black finish. Used by CTRG Group 14 operatives deployed to Altis.
  • Khaki: Forest green paint finish. Used by CTRG Group 15 operators on Tanoa.
  • Sand: Pale beige sand paint finish.


  • The ERCO is based on the real-life "BRAVO4" battle sight while the top mount reflex sight is based on the "ROMEO3"; both of which are manufactured by SIG Sauer.[1]
  • Upon initially being included with Apex's release, the ERCO's reticle was misaligned and was not compatible with any weapon calibre. This was eventually fixed with the release of Game Update 1.64.[2]
    • In addition, the ERCO's reticle markings gradually became brighter while viewing them through thermal optics whenever the weapon's barrel heated up (the sight itself was unaffected and did not change). This was also corrected in Game Update 1.78 after the release of the Tac-Ops DLC.[3]
  • Whenever depth of field was enabled in older versions of the game, the markings on the primary scope's reticle would become blurred and extremely difficult to read depending on lighting conditions. This was eventually corrected in a hotfix for Game Update 2.02, which refactored the ERCO's model to use radial blurring rather than DoF.[4]



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