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SPIN-OFF: The following information stems from a spin-off expansion or third party Creator DLC and is considered to be non-canon in the main Armaverse timeline.

ArmA 2's Eagle Wing is an official, non-canon addon campaign. Players assume the role of U.S. Marine naval aviator Ed Winter.

The United States and the Russian Federation are in a state of open war. As part of the U.S. military's pre-emptive strike plan, codenamed Eagle Wing, USMC forces are to seize the eastern coast of Chernarus in support of their CDF allies.

In preparation for a land invasion through Russia's southern border, Winter's helicopter is to spearhead the assault by neutralising Russian air defences in the South Zagoria region.




Eagle Wing (4th November, 2009)

« Invasion begins. »

Lt. Winter's AH-64D spearheads the 27th MEU's ground invasion by neutralising Russian attack jets based at the main airfield in South Zagoria. After destroying the jets, he proceeded to shoot down a helicopter carrying the Russian commander. Before he could continue onto his next objective however, the Russians drop a tactical nuclear device on the American fleet. The nuclear blast sends his helicopter spiralling out of control and crashes into a nearby forest.

End of the World (4th November, 2009)

« Survival of the fittest. »

Waking up from the crash, Winter discovers that his co-pilot is dead while nuclear explosions in the distance continue to send ripples throughout the land. Fighting his way through the Chernarussian countryside filled with disoriented CDF soldiers, crazed civilians and ChDKZ insurgents, he eventually runs into Lev Zotkin and his team of Spetsnaz survivors. The unlikely group of survivors agree to work with each other in the hopes of salvaging a transport to the island of Utes, where they can hopefully reach shelter.

Empty Wasteland (4th November, 2009)

« Conclusion »

Upon arrival at Balota, they discover a usable boat at the harbour's edge but find it is already commandeered by an American Marine, who urges Winter to join him. Zotkin convinces Winter to kill the Marine, but they soon discover that the boat was already damaged and is leaking fuel; not to mention that it couldn't carry all of them either. Drawing matches, one person picks the shortest match and is left behind to face ChDKZ insurgents closing in on their position. But even then, the other survivors' fates are left uncertain as a nuclear bomb is dropped on Utes as well...


  • Eagle Wing was not initially available in ArmA 2 by default, and was only added after the release of Patch 1.05 which also included the campaign's prominently-featured AH-64D helicopter.
  • The "live" UAV transmission feed of Russian Su-25s taking off from the runway is not actually a Picture-In-Picture view (as PIP simulation was not added until ArmA 3's release). Rather, it is "simulated" by looping through thirteen individual images in rapid succession.
  • Several of the music tracks - Defcon, Fallout, Wasteland and SkyNet, are reused for ArmA 3's The East Wind campaign (specifically Situation Normal and on occasion, scouting missions throughout the Survive and Adapt episodes).
  • In the Karel Mořický's original and uncut iteration of Eagle Wing, Winter was intended to pilot a "RAH-66 Comanche" instead. Because the Comanche was not officially available in ArmA 2 however, it was eventually replaced with a Sidewinder-armed AH-64D instead.
    • In spite of this, the scripts in the final version remain unaltered and still refer to the player as if they were flying the Comanche. Mission objective descriptions for instance, recommend that the player not open their "internal weapon bays" and "fly under radar level" to avoid being detected.
  • The campaign is intended to tie into the alternate (and worst) ending of Operation Harvest Red where the Russians launch a tactical nuclear missile at Chernarus, though the settings have been drastically changed to accommodate for Eagle Wing's settings (both Russia and the U.S. are in a state of full-scale war).
  • During the ending credits with the world map showing nuclear explosions throughout the globe, a very faint text outline of "WTF? ^^" is written over the Australian continent. This is a reference to an old Flash animation titled "End Of Ze World" created by Steven Lerner, the owner of a Canadian joke website named Albino Blacksheep.


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