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Mission Description

Eagle Wing is the first mission of ArmA 2's non-canonical Eagle Wing campaign.


The player controls U.S. Navy aviator Lieutenant Ed Winter. The Eagle Wing pre-emptive strike plan has been authorised and the counterinvasion to liberate Chernarus from the clutches of the Russians and their allies has begun.

The 27th MEU will be leading the land offensive in a coordinated push alongside Chernarussian government forces to neutralise strategic targets, before the main ground and air invasion of the Russian Federation is to commence.

Winter's role/class:

  • Air / Pilot

Default loadout:

There are no alternate pieces of equipment to choose from.



  • (1) Reach SPARTA
  • (2) Shoot down the targets
  • (3) Reach MARATHON
  • (4) Attack reinforcements




  • Do not leave the combat zone
  • Winter's helicopter must not be disabled
  • You must not run out of ordnance before destroying your targets
  • You must remain undetected from patrolling enemy aircraft
  • The Russian planes must not be allowed to take off
  • The HVT must not be allowed to escape


Primary 1: Reach SPARTA

After the intro flyby over the invasion fleet, you'll finally be granted control of Winter's helicopter. Continue flying north-west along the waypoints towards the town of Berezino.

When you are at the halfway mark towards Point Sparta, Winter will report the sighting of a Russian IFV and troop carrier along the way. You can order your gunner (co-pilot Tim) to manually target either vehicle or allow him to engage on his own. You do not have Hellfires to blow them up, though the helicopter's 30 mm autocannon will suffice and easily shred both vehicles after a few bursts. Keep firing until both vehicles are destroyed. Remain on the move and DO NOT hover in place or the IFV's gunner will eventually score a lucky shot.

You may need to perform several passes depending on the co-pilot's aim but you'll avoid taking damage this way. Regardless, upon both vehicles' destruction continue towards Sparta. Marine HQ will eventually warn Winter of another threat, an incoming Russian gunship patrolling nearby. You must avoid detection at all costs; to do this, remain at an airspeed of under 30 km/h or stay below 30 metres altitude above ground (NOT the treeline). Alternately, you can simply land the helicopter and wait until the gunship flies past.

No matter what choice you make, HQ will give you the all-clear signal to proceed once the danger has past. Resume your course and upon arrival at Sparta, switch to auto-hover mode and rotate the helicopter facing in the direction of the airfield. Level your helicopter's motion as much as possible - you need your gunner to be able to maintain accuracy without stability issues caused by your reckless piloting.

Primary 2: Shoot down the targets

Save your game if an autosave wasn't already made. Toggle Manual Fire mode and have your gunner switch to air-to-air Sidewinder missiles.

When you are warned about the first Russian jet preparing for take off, target them and wait for the gunner to acquire a successful lock-on. Press fire to send a missile their way. Repeat the process until all jets are destroyed. You will also have to shoot down the enemy gunship protecting the jets though fortunately, they shouldn't pose much of a threat for your Sidewinders to bring down.

Primary 3: Reach MARATHON

Once they are brought down, Marine HQ will redirect you to eliminate the Russian commander at Zelenogorsk.

Primary 4: Attack reinforcements

Head for his location (codename Icarus) and pepper the command post with a combination of autocannon fire and 70 mm rockets.

It comprises of another IFV and several transports. Again, you may need to perform multiple passes to eliminate the commander's defenders without taking severe damage. Should you take too long, his transport will lift off and begin to escape. If you still have Sidewinders, you can fire off the remaining missiles at him or bombard his helicopter with 30 mm shells. Once his transport turns into a fireball, the objective will be completed.

Marine HQ will soon issue the order to retreat, moments before what appears to be a mushroom cloud appears in the distance. The mission will be over after the screen fades to black and the next mission begins.


  • If you are not proficient at flying it is entirely possible to use the Pobeda dam's structure as cover, popping up slightly only to fire a few bursts at the initial mechanised patrol. The dam is indestructible and offers excellent protection from the IFV's autocannon.
  • Similarly, if you aren't confident about maintaining a low profile from the enemy gunship you can simply land the helicopter, switch off its engine, and wait for it to pass.
  • It may be necessary to launch more than one Sidewinder missile per jet if you engage them prematurely before they turn for the runway.


  • "To War", one of the tracks missing from the ArmA X soundtrack.

    "All Hell Breaks Loose", the second missing track.

    Two of the music tracks used for the intro ("To War") and ending sequence ("All Hell Breaks Loose") are strangely omitted from the official soundtrack included with the release of the ArmA X Anniversary Edition.
  • Because Picture-in-Picture (PiP) functionality was not possible in ArmA 2's iteration of the Real Virtuality engine, the "live" satellite feed on the player's GPS display of the taxiing jets is simulated by stringing together a sequence of (static) images looped in rapid succession.
  • The "Code Foxtrot" abort code issued prior to the nuclear missiles striking the fleet is referenced in the first mission of ArmA 3's The East Wind campaign, which itself is a callback to the events of ArmA: Cold War Assault's Cold War Crisis campaign where U.S. troops are forced to flee after a disastrous loss (Montignac Must Fall).
  • In the final version of the mission, Winter always flies a "special" variant of the AH-64D armed with Sidewinder missiles.
    • However, according to Karel Mořický's Director's Cut version of the campaign, Winter was intended to fly a RAH-66 Comanche instead.
    • Even upon its (official) release, the briefing continues to reference the Comanche's capabilities. A prime example of this would be the suggestion that the player keep their helicopter's internal weapons bay closed to minimise their radar signature, in addition to flying low to maintain a stealthy profile.

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