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« Syndikat have occupied the Blue Pearl Industrial Port with the intent of ransoming the Eastwind Device. With enemies on all sides, Group 15 are deployed to end this once and for all.
Mission Description

End Game is the final mission of ArmA 3's Apex Protocol campaign.


The players control four operatives from CTRG's Group 15. Thanks to the intel recovered from Viper's black site on Sosovu Island, CTRG command has narrowed down Solomon Maru's location to the Blue Pearl Industrial Port.

However, it has also been revealed that Maru intends to sell the secrets of CSAT's "Apex Protocol" and Project Eastwind to the highest bidder. Group 15 must put a stop to the warlord's plans now before the opportunity to seize Eastwind is lost forever.

Recommended team composition:

  • 1× Sharpshooter, 1× Autorifleman, 2× Paramedic
  • (Optional) 2× Sharpshooter, 2× Paramedic
  • (Optional) 2× Sharpshooter, 1× Grenadier, 1× Paramedic
  • (Optional) 3× Sharpshooter, 1× Paramedic

You will be constantly fighting against enemies in wide open areas for the entire mission. Unless your team is skilled enough to avoid getting hit, be sure to have at least two players stick to the Paramedic role, and be ready to revive at a moment's notice.

Sharpshooters will be extremely vital as their long-ranged 7.62 mm SPARs will work much better at penetrating through Viper's armoured uniforms than the stock 5.56 mm weapons. Likewise, grenade spam with Grenadier/Scout UGLs can work, but be sure to stock up on extra rounds either from the corpses of Syndikat fighters or the ammo caches.



  • (1) Find Warlock
  • (2) Retrieve the Disarm Codes
  • (3) Secure the Device
  • (4) Defend Miller
  • (5) Eliminate Viper
  • (6) Extract




  • If enabled, the team must not run out of respawn tickets


Primary 1: Find Warlock

You need to assassinate Maru to complete this objective. He will be located (randomly) at one of three possible locations depending on your current playthrough:

  • Point Paris, at the Freight Forwarding terminal (grid 132-122)
  • Point Madrid, next to the Port Administration building (grid 133-120)
  • Point Lisbon, inside the Transit Depot area (grid 134-117)

Move down the hill into the port and slowly work your way through while progressively eliminating roaming Syndikat patrols. Watch out for the armed Offroads that patrol along the roads between Paris and Madrid. Also pay attention to the tipper cranes as some Syndikat fighters are garrisoned onto the walkways.

Be aware that alongside his own men, Maru is also guarded by four Viper operatives who can make short work of your team. Try to have one person provide overwatch from a vantage point while the rest move in to clear the meeting site.

Primary 2: Retrieve the Disarm Codes

Once Maru is dead, have one player check his corpse for the disarm key. You do not have to worry about the secondary key as Miller will retrieve it from Maru's lieutenant.

Keep in mind that while you can't take Viper's uniforms, there's enough helmets to go around for the entire team to be kitted up with one. It may be a good idea to exchange them with your own as their night vision/thermal vision optics are vastly superior to your default headgear.

Primary 3: Secure the Device

Proceed towards the northern tip of the Freight Forwarding area where the craneways are located (grid 137-122). As before, you will need to fight your way through several squads worth of insurgents.

Fortunately, Riker and the others will have blown up the backup power generators by now so the entire port will be plunged into total darkness. Spotting the Syndikat fighters should be easy as they will always keep their flashlights on even in combat.

As before, it may be ideal to have whoever is playing as Sharpshooter to split up and find a nearby rooftop to snipe the fighters patrolling around the containers. One good location to snipe from is on top of the warehouse at grid 134-120. Simply climb up the ladder and you'll be given a clear view of the entire eastern side of the freight forwarding zone.

Do not forget that you have a significant advantage for this section thanks to your NVGs and suppressors. So long as you space out your shots, the AI will be unable to retaliate in time.

As you get closer to Eastwind's position, Miller will inform you that his team are en-route to provide covering fire. Their helicopter will continually strafe around the port and assist you in clearing out the remaining threats (don't worry about them; their helicopter is invincible and cannot be shot down).

Primary 4: Defend Miller

Once you arrive at Eastwind's location, Miller will link up with you and begin the process of disarming the device.

However, you will now face six Viper operatives attacking from the west. Concentrate your fire in the direction of the cranes and keep an eye out their silhouettes emerging from the fog. Be sure to use either the metal watchtower or the H-barriers for cover.

Primary 5: Disarm the Device

Once Miller informs you that he's succeeded with inserting his disarm key, one member of the team now has do the same with the key you retrieved from Maru's corpse. Simply approach the laptop and hold the spacebar key until the process is completed.

Primary 6: Eliminate Viper

You must now fight off another two more waves of Viper:

Red: Viper spawn points
Orange: Viper LSV spawn point
Green: Viper VTOL drop points
Pink: Viper attack routes
Blue: Eastwind (Your team)

Unlike the first, they will be twice as large and consist of both a motorised and airborne squad. Thankfully, you won't be alone as your team will now be joined by Raider 1 and Falcon's team. Once they arrive, take up positions around them and face toward the cranes again. Be sure to have at least one player keep an eye on the rooftop of the warehouse just to your west.

Ignore Viper's VTOLs as they can't be shot down by your weapons. Rather, focus on taking out the operatives as they approach from the west through the cranes (again) and additionally, along the harbour to your south as one squad will attempt to flank you from that direction.

Including the dismounted operatives, armed LSVs will be racing towards you firing their Gatling guns at full auto. Watch out for their fire and try to eliminate the gunners as quickly as possible. If either of you brought along an RPG from the supply crates, you can also use those blow up the LSVs, though it's a bit risky since the flight profile of the RPG's round will be difficult to account for.

Don't forget that hiding behind your AI allies is perfectly viable.

Depending on how many players are in the lobby, you may also be forced to fight off three Viper operatives who will attempt to snipe you from the aforementioned warehouse rooftop. Provided that you have at least one player watching that position, you shouldn't need to worry about them too much.

Once the last Viper operative has fallen (or over 90% of the assault force has been decimated), this objective will be completed.

Primary 7: Extract

The screen will fade to black and you will automatically be transported into one of the helicopters. The mission and campaign will be over shortly afterwards.


  • Aside from Sharpshooters, other classes should consider trading their default SPARs for AK-12s after Maru is killed. There's plenty of ammunition for them, and the SPAR's accuracy is not particularly helpful considering the 5.56 mm cartridge is painfully ineffective against Viper's armoured uniforms.
  • Keep in mind that although Viper operatives wear thermally-masked uniforms, their weapon barrels still emit heat after being fired.
    • That being said, do not rely solely on your ENVGs or the Nightstalker. It may be preferable to toggle them only when you need to see where the Viper operatives are coming from, and to switch them off once you can see them clearly.
  • The Syndikat's static Mk30 HMGs at grid 136-122 and 137-122 can be disassembled and rebuilt next to Eastwind if needed.
    • If the turrets are set up behind cover, they can work quite well at one-shotting each of the Viper operatives. Just be aware that whoever is operating the turret(s) will be a bullet magnet for the AI.
  • DO NOT protect Miller during the final defence sequence. Just like in Extraction, he is completely invincible and cannot be killed.
  • When James' team arrives, you can use him and his team members as bullet sponges. Hiding behind them is a perfectly viable strategy as like Miller, they too are invincible and won't be harmed by enemy fire.
  • Don't bother attempting to shoot down the Y-32 VTOLs. They are scripted to be impervious to all forms of damage even after they drop off their passengers.


  • Arma3-achievement-warlockdown.png
    Warlock Down
    • Will be awarded upon killing Solomon Maru.
    • The manner in which he is killed by does not matter. It will be awarded regardless of whether he is slain by explosives, gunfire or is run over by a vehicle.


  • Despite Broadale claiming that the CTRG teams would have NATO's "full support", no such backup ever arrives to reinforce the players even after Eastwind is secured.
  • When Miller destroys the power generators, no explosive charges or satchels are triggered in the blast. The resulting explosion is actually caused by GBU-12 bombs that are spawned by script.
  • To date, Eastwind's fate has never been elaborated upon even for the events of Old Man.

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