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Mission Description

End of the World is the second mission of ArmA 2's non-canonical Eagle Wing campaign.


The player controls U.S. Navy aviator Lieutenant Ed Winter. The unthinkable has happened; World War III has begun with the Russian military launching a retaliatory nuclear strike against the 27th MEU. The entire fleet has been decimated, and Winter's gunship has been disabled after it was caught in one of the shockwaves.

With his co-pilot Tim having perished in the crash, Lt. Winter has been left to fend for himself. He must now find refuge in the irradiated wasteland of what used to be South Zagoria...

Winter's role/class:

  • Air / Pilot

Default loadout:

  • Primary weapon: MP5A5 (2× magazines)
    • No attachments fitted
  • Secondary weapon: None
  • Equipment: None

The briefing loadout menu is not available for this mission.



  • (1) CDF checkpoint N of Kozlovka
  • (2) CDF checkpoint S of Kozlovka
  • (3) CDF service checkpoint
  • (4) Search for vehicle in Yelec
  • (5) Get to Balota harbor


  • (6) Take better weapon


  • Winter must survive
  • Do not stray into irradiated areas
  • Do not provoke the Spetsnaz operatives
  • Obey Zotkin's orders at all times



  • Winter is considered to be an enemy unit by CDF remnants and will be attacked on sight.
  • This mission technically comprises of three main sections: End of the World (intro), East-West (midgame), and Elite Warriors (finale).
  • End of the World will be completed once you reach the third hideout and link up with the Spetsnaz team. East-West begins once the cutscene ends and you join Zotkin's squad. Finally, Elite Warriors starts once the truck arrives on the outskirts of Balota.

Primary 1: CDF checkpoint N of Kozlovka

You start off at the crash site after Winter regains his consciousness.

Green: Checkpoint locations
Blue: Winter's starting location (you)
Red: Irradiated areas
Orange: Enemy spawn points
Violet: Enemy patrol routes

Ignore the helicopter's wreckage; there's nothing of value for you to take. Head down the hill towards the east (do not go south, north or west). You need to search three locations marked on your map:

  • Grid 039-105 (a CDF checkpoint)
  • Grid 046-110 (another CDF checkpoint)
  • Grid 054-111 (an empty shed at the end of a trail leading into the forest)

The corpses of several CDF soldiers and ChDKZ insurgents can be found here along with locked (and immobilised) vehicles.

The only threat you need to watch out for is a lone CDF survivor who won't take too kindly to your presence. He will be moving randomly between three fixed points around the barnhouse so watch your corners. Once he's dead, ditch your SMG and take his assault rifle. Be sure to load up on as many spare magazines as possible.

Primary 2: CDF checkpoint S of Kozlovka

Save your game at this point if the autosave hasn't already triggered.

This next section will be a gauntlet that pits Winter against a total of eighteen ChDKZ insurgents. They will be on high alert and are patrolling around the village of Kozlovka (on all sides except for the western side). Move slowly and always stick to cover when possible. You will want to avoid running out in the open as they can and will flank Winter if given the opportunity.

Primary 3: CDF service checkpoint

Once you've fought your way past the second location, resume heading east towards grid 052-111.

There will only be two insurgents who patrol along a vertical line at grid 049-110 (potentially three as one has a 50% chance of spawning per playthrough). They should be the only threats standing between you and the third location. However, you may potentially draw the attention of another two/three-man patrol at 050-108 so do be careful when proceeding through here.

You'll know you're close to the third location once you see a trail of corpses lining the path leading up towards the sheds. As you get closer, Winter will spot the silhouette of someone entering the shed and call out to them. Enter through the same door and Spetsnaz operatives will ambush you.

Obey the Spetsnaz officer's orders and drop your primary weapon onto the ground. Do it quickly, otherwise you will be shot and fail the mission instantly for not following his commands. Wait until the man, Lev Zotkin, opens the door again before picking up your weapon.

After the conversation ends, Zotkin will drop a weapon for you (a Vintorez; see Optional objective below). It is integrally suppressed so you may want to swap whatever current primary you're using in favour of it.

Primary 4: Search for vehicle in Yelec


  • There is a bug that can potentially block any further progress in the mission if Winter boards the truck before Zotkin orders him to do so.
  • Be sure to wait until he manually issues the command before hopping onto the back of the truck.

You'll now join the Spetsnaz squad. Other than Zotkin, the other operatives, the pilot, and the gamekeeper will continue to speak in Russian and Chernarussian. Don't worry though - they can perfectly understand Winter's target bearings and callouts for support (e.g. Medic!) and vice versa.

Follow Zotkin's squad down the slope towards the village of Yelec. There are several more insurgents running around but Zotkin's men should be able to tackle them. You can either hang back and let them do the fighting or provide some support by sniping them with the Vintorez - the choice is yours. Regardless, once the village is cleared, Zotkin's men will commandeer one of the trucks. Hop onto the flatbed and wait for the others to do the same.

Primary 5: Get to Balota harbor

Disembark from the truck once it arrives on the outskirts of Balota. Continue following Zotkin's squad as they make their way through the town. Take note that you'll be caught in the right middle of a battle between the CDF and more ChDKZ insurgents. Furthermore, there will be an IFV that's immobilised (but still armed) in the centre of Balota.

Since you'll be fighting exclusively in close quarters, it might be advisable to swap your Vintorez for an M240 from one of the insurgents or salvage an M16A2 from one of the CDF soldiers. Be careful around corners and watch out for stray enemies that may attempt to flank you in the centre. As before, you should let Zotkin's men take the lead and have them bear the brunt of the fighting. This applies to the IFV; you should wait for Zotkin's RPG gunner to blow it up before going any further.

Proceed onto the harbour once the area is clear. You should spot a boat at the end of the pier with a U.S. Marine already inside. Kill him or let one of Zotkin's men do it by getting close to the vessel. Do not attempt to escape with the Marine or else Zotkin's men will immediately turn on you.

Once the cutscene ends, you will have to defend the boat from a final wave of insurgents. Zotkin will provide Winter with a sniper rifle and plenty of ammo for this sequence. Hang back and hide behind one of your "comrades" to use as a bullet sponge (keep in mind that they're invincible). Snipe as many insurgents as you can until Zotkin reports that the boat can only take six people.

As soon as the last insurgent falls, you will be given the choice of picking a matchstick that will determine Winter's fate in the epilogue. The one who picks the shortest stick will be the one that gets left behind. It is randomised for each playthrough so there is no fixed way to determine which one is the shortest.

Optional 6: Take better weapon

Zotkin will drop a VSS Vintorez DMR for you after initially linking up with his squad. It isn't required for a successful completion of the campaign though.


  • Stealth is not really feasible in the first section of the mission due to AI targeting mechanics surrounding Winter's high "camouflage" and "cost" values. Unfortunately, your gun will be the first and only option to get past the roaming ChDKZ patrols.
  • Some of the pro-ChDKZ gamekeepers inside Kozlovka will be wielding CZ 550 hunting rifles. If you get the chance to do so (and are proficient at sniping) it may be wise to grab one in lieu of your regular weapon until you get something better for the second half of the mission.
  • Remember to call for help from Zotkin's men if you need medical assistance. His men are invincible, so prioritise Winter's wellbeing at all times.


  • The ambient tracks that play after Winter wakes up from the crash (namely Defcon) are reused in several missions for ArmA 3's main campaign.
  • When the intro cinematic plays, it is possible to rotate the camera to face downward. Looking in this direction will amusingly show that Winter is actually floating in mid air for the duration of the cutscene.
  • Unlike the first mission, Winter is uniquely assigned an INDFOR story character unit as opposed to BLUFOR. This similarly applies to Zotkin's Spetsnaz team who are all classified as INDFOR rather than REDFOR.
    • This is due to engine limitations surrounding factions being on the same side. Unlike in later titles (specifically ARMA Reforger), it is not possible to make factions on either BLUFOR or REDFOR to fight other BLUFOR/REDFOR factions on the same side (i.e. CDF versus USMC and ChDKZ against Russians).
  • It is not possible to destroy the truck at the village as it is scripted to be invulnerable.
  • During the assault on Balota, there is a specific shed that can be found in the backyard of the one of the homes.
    • The cries of an infant can be heard if Winter gets close enough to it. Depending on the player's choice, they can opt to destroy the shed with grenades or an AT launcher which will effectively silence the infant (but spare it a potentially slow and painful death).
  • The BTR-90 IFV in Balota will automatically be destroyed (via scripting) if Zotkin's men do not blow it up after ten minutes have passed.
  • Winter cannot escape with the unnamed Marine. The boat will continue to sail forward slowly but no sequence will play beyond that. Additionally, Zotkin's men will instantly turn their weapons towards the boat and kill both Winter and the unnamed Marine.

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