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Everon is a microstate located in the mid-Atlantic Ocean.



Everon and its sister island Malden would be colonised by France in the early 19th century. Most towns and settlements on the island were also constructed during this period, with French settlers establishing much of its present day infrastructure.

However, the microstate bears a strong Franco-Bohemian culture due to its ties to Louis the Just of France, who welcomed Bohemian settlers in the early 17th century.

Prussian rule

As the Napoleonic Wars drew to a conclusion with France facing decisive defeat at the hands of the Prussian Empire, Everon was captured and was turned into a naval outpost. The French settlers that remained on Everon were subsequently assimilated, though most local traditions and settlement names were retained in spite of the handover.

Second World War

During the Second World War, Everon was occupied by Nazi Germany during the early stages of the war and was turned into a listening post by the Kriegsmarine, used to track and hunt down Allied ships.

The island's German occupiers eventually fled as the war came to a close, with what remained of the civilian population taking control once more.

Cold War

At the height of the Cold War, Everon became locked in a struggle of influence between the United States and the Soviet Union. Though Everon remained mostly neutral, it was home to a training camp used by the nearby NATO garrison located on Malden.

In 1985, rogue Soviet military forces occupied and repressed the island's inhabitants, while also destroying the NATO facilities on the island. They were eventually overthrown by a combination of the island's citizens and military forces from the United States. In the aftermath, a permanent U.S. presence was established to bolster the island's defences.

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However, Everon's state of peace would not last long, as four years later in 1989, Everon would again be turned into a warzone as the United States and the Soviet Union clashed for control. Both nations dispatched expeditionary forces in an attempt to capture the geostrategic island.


Main article: Everon (terrain)

Everon covers a total landmass of 51 square kilometres.

Everon is largely defined by a mixture of dense pine woodlands with the occasional grasslands intermeshed with farmland. The southern sections of the island however, are largely scattered with steep valleys and mountainous terrain.

There is no defined capital city, though based on population alone Montignac (located in the centre of the island) and Saint Pierre (south-east) serve as the island's two largest settlements.


Everon operates under a presidential system. As of 1989, Libor Stárek holds the office of the president.

Armed forces and law enforcement

Everon does not maintain a standing army, though a paramilitary force called the Everon Freedom Alliance (mostly consisting of armed civilians) has been mobilised before in times of conflict.


The people of Everon maintain a stoic relationship with its neighbours amongst the Malden islands chain, and also shares a close bond to the Independent Republic of Nogova.

During the Cold War, Everon's people held diplomatic relations with both Western and Eastern countries, though it was host to a NATO training garrison for most of the time. Following its occupation by the Soviet Union and subsequent liberation by NATO forces in 1985, all ties to the Soviet government were completely severed and the people became firmly pro-West.


Much of the island's economic activity is centred on agriculture. However, Everon is globally renown for its superior timber, quality tonewood and wooden export products.

Everon also serves an important stopover for transatlantic trade. Its larger ports, specifically Saint Philippe and its sister town, Saint Pierre, handle thousands of tons of maritime freight each year.


National anthem

« Má vlast, jsouc jata v rozbouřeném moři,
větrem i vodou vyzývána k sváru,
jednou se hřeje ve zlatavém žáru,
jindy se do mlh dávných borů noří,
však bouře láme jako skála tvrdá,
udolat nelze, nezlomená, hrdá.
Toť naše zem, nám dána rukou boží,
svornému lidu, jejž nic nerozloží.
National anthem of Everon
« Our home upon the restless human sea
Rough-hewn and strengthened by eternal tides
Where golden reservoirs of light collide
Where ancient pinewoods sift their sighs and sleep
Where storm clouds break, then peacefully subside
Stands strong - unbroken and unbowed - our pride
For this one land of ours, unites us!
Our home, from God’s great hands set forth, unites us!
English translation of anthem


Everonians are predominately of French descent.


The primary language of all Everonians is Czech, though some are bilingual in French and English.


  • Everon did not initially have a dedicated national flag in Cold War Assault. The release of Reforger would eventually unveil the microstate's flag, as well as several other details expanding upon the island's history and government.
  • Just like Malden, Everon and rest of the Malden islands archipelago were not originally located in the mid-Atlantic Ocean but rather in the North Sea. However, the locations of both islands were later retconned by ArmA 3 (Malden) and Reforger (Everon).
  • Each of the national flag's colours bear symbolic meanings:
    • The blue symbolizes the surrounding Atlantic Ocean, as well as freedom and self-determination.
    • The white lozenge stands for the peaceful Everonian people and their continued concord with both France and the former federation of the Malden Islands.
    • The three red stars signify the island's three main harbours of Lamentin, Saint Pierre, and Saint Phillipe, with its red colour representing strength, courage, and valour.
  • In the opening cutscene for the second mission of Armed Assault's Rahmadi Conflict campaign, Everon is briefly mentioned by name from a U.S. officer acknowledging to his counterpart over the radio that "[...] things were bad on Everon".
    • Given the lack of context regarding their conversation, it was originally left unclear as to what the security situation on Everon was like by 2006. Even so, this has yet to be clarified even after the release of Reforger, which takes place a mere four years after the Soviet occupation.
  • Everon and Malden both remain as the only named microstates to date in the entire series (excluding islands such as Atida from Mobile Ops).

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