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Everon refers to two playable terrains in ArmA: Cold War Assault and ARMA Reforger.

ArmA: Cold War Assault



One of the three main islands in the Malden islands chain, Everon serves as the microstate's homeland and is the second largest landmass amongst the three islands.

Everon's architecture is heavily influenced by French designs; a remnant of its long-standing heritage of being a French territory during the colonial periods in the early 19th century. Even after its takeover by the Prussian Empire and subsequently, Nazi Germany, little has changed over the centuries, with Everon remaining as a quiet and relaxing island.


Everon's mountain valleys are typically covered with dense forests

Covering an area of 51 square kilometres (including the isolated mini-islands around it), Everon's terrain is mostly flat pasture ground with the occasional outcrop of sloped, rocky hills.

Most of the landscape is covered in thick woodland consisting of oak, birch, chestnut, and beech trees, while the larger forests consist exclusively of pines. On the other hand, the forests situated on Everon's hills and valley peaks mostly consist of sparsely-grown spruces instead.

Everon's shoreline is indented with a number of sandy beaches and a few rock formations that cut into the sea (mostly on its south-eastern coast). Everon does not have any inland bodies of water.

The south-eastern section of the island is where the majority of Everon's taller peaks are located. While Everon does not have any particularly tall mountains, the highest position on the island is located on top of the valley between the villages of Regina and Durras, which has an elevation of 358 metres above sea level at its peak.


The village of Lamentin at sunset

Everon has a total of eighteen villages and towns scattered throughout the entire island.

There is no defined capital city on the island. However, the towns of Montignac and Saint Pierre can be considered to be its most populated settlements and therefore, as its "capitals".

Most of the smaller villages only consist of clumped-up civilian dwellings and farms, with the occasional church and manor built alongside them. Most of Everon's established settlements are linked together, though many are basic single-lane gravel roads and dirt trails/tracks.

Settlements on Everon (Cold War Assault)
Towns MontignacSaint Pierre
Villages ChotainDurrasEntre DeuxFigariGravetteLamentinLarunsLevieLe MouleMeauxMortonProvinsReginaSaint PhillipeTyroneVernon
Military installations Buffalo BaseOrion Base

Points of interest

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Consisting of a few barracks and scattered support structures/depots, the Airfield is Everon's sole airstrip that has a paved runway for domestic and international flights.

Located due south of Saint Pierre at the peak of the mountain, these ruins consists of a gate, two towers (one partially destroyed), as well as the rubble of walls scattered around it.

The castle itself dates back to 19th century, and was presumably built by the Prussian Empire when Everon served as an outpost for the Prussian Navy.

However, the ruins are better known for being the headquarters of the "Everon Freedom Alliance" during the Soviet occupation in the mid-1980s. It continued to serve as a base of operations for the resistance group until the island's liberation by U.S.-led NATO forces.


ARMA Reforger



Still famed for its austere and rural beauty, Everon - otherwise dubbed the "Naval of the Sea", is buffeted by relentless westerly winds. Though scarred by the 1985 occupation and rattled by news of yet another, Everon longs for peace and freedom from foreign powers.


Spanning across approximately ~ 51 square kilometres, Everon still remains as one of the larger islands in the Malden islands archipelago.

To the north of Everon lies pastures and pine forests that rescind towards the sea. To the south, sublime mountains rise from granite bedrock and loom ominously over coastal fogs. Everon's central region features charming rural villages, a large lake, and a patchwork of fields and low-rolling hills, criss-crossed with tranquil streams and forests.


Settlements on Everon (Reforger)
Towns MontignacSaint Pierre
Villages BenacCamuracChotainDurrasEntre DeuxErquyEtoupeFigariGoreyGravetteKermovanKervelLancreLamentinLarunsLa ValetteLes CreuxLevieLe MouleMeauxMortonPerelleProvinsRedonReginaRichemontSaint PhillipeTyroneVernonVilleneuve



  • Everon's landscape is inspired by the Croatian island of Krk located in the northern Adriatic Sea, though the in-game counterpart is obviously much smaller than its real counterpart.
  • Reforger's iteration of Everon is the first terrain in the entire series to feature running rivers and actual inland bodies of water.
    • While bodies of water resembling ponds technically existed in ArmA 2 and ArmA 3, they were not actual bodies of water and were either terrain objects (e.g. ArmA 2's fake "ponds") or were parts of the terrain that were depressed into the ground low enough to reach the "sea".
  • It is the second terrain to be remastered for a new main title after ArmA 3's Malden 2035.

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