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Forward Operating Base Arizona (short form: FOB Arizona) was a military airbase located in the central highlands of Takistan.


Established at the Rasman airbase, FOB Arizona once served as the main hub for all NATO operations conducted throughout the central Takistani highlands. Following the invasion, FOB Arizona housed American, British and Czech forces. A contingent of United Nations Forces Takistan (UNFORT) peacekeepers and aid workers also maintained a small presence at the FOB.

The facilities were relatively spartan compared to other NATO bases in the region, but was gradually expanded as more troops were brought in. The temporary tents were partially replaced with brick/concrete barracks.

FOB Arizona continued to remain in use with coalition forces following the NATO drawdown, though the total number of personnel manning the FOB was sharply reduced. By the end of 2013, control of FOB Arizona would be handed over to the New Takistani Army (NTA) as the last of the NATO contingent departed from the country.



The bulk of coalition troops were housed within temporary shelters built at the centre of the base. It was surrounded by several layers of Hesco barriers to shield the tents from artillery shrapnel and insurgent snipers.

A separate (hardened) barracks was also located to the east, and consisted solely of pre-invasion buildings rather than tents.


An auxiliary heliport (separate from the main helipads) was located right in the middle of the central barracks. It was set up near the medical tent to allow for injured soldiers to be brought in quickly.

Motor repair bay

A repair bay for ground vehicles was built to the south of central barracks.


The Tactical Operations Centre consisted of both a camouflaged mobile command vehicle and the airbase control tower. All incoming and outgoing air traffic were coordinated through the control tower.

UN compound

UNFORT peacekeepers maintained a small compound located to the far north of the TOC. Some aid workers and private military contractors set up shop inside the main building.


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