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Forward Operating Base Whitewolf (short form: FOB Whitewolf) was a military base located in the central highlands of Takistan.


An outpost set up within the city of Feruz Abad, FOB Whitewolf was initially designated as FARP Winchester (Forward Arming and Refuelling Point) and was used as a resupply point for U.S. Army aviation units at the height of Operation Arrowhead.

Two weeks after the invasion, FARP Winchester was redesignated as FOB Whitewolf as part of the NATO troop surge for Operation Crimson Lance. It was primarily staffed by Chernarussian peacekeepers from the United Nations Forces Takistan (UNFORT) contingent alongside personnel from the British Army.

Following the NATO drawdown, Whitewolf would be decommissioned by late 2013 and its surrounding outposts returned to the control of the New Takistani Army (NTA).


FARP Winchester


FARP Winchester was established during Operation Arrowhead to help resupply coalition aircraft launching attacks on the (formerly) regime-controlled Rasman airbase.

Originally, it consisted of just two improvised helipads outside of the main compound but were later dismantled in the invasion's aftermath.

Main compound


The central compound was located inside the city. It consisted of a warehouse, vehicle repair depot, a large office structure, a security office, and five barracks built before the invasion surrounded by watchtowers and stone walls.

It housed a company-sized formation of mechanised UNFORT peacekeepers and British personnel. In 2012, the officer in charge was Captain Bohdan Musil of the Chernarussian Defence Forces (CDF).

Observation post


Due north of Whitewolf, UNFORT peacekeepers repurposed the former coltan mines into an improvised security outpost. Though not considered to be a part of the FOB itself, it offered a better vantage point to monitor the surrounding areas for signs of insurgent activity.

The outpost - at the time of Operation Crimson Lance, was commanded by CDF Sergeant Daniel Zapletal.


  • The FOB's moniker appears to be a reference to the radio callsign used by one of the allied EFA squad leaders in Cold War Assault's campaign (specifically for the Rescue mission).
  • The events of Silver Lion would suggest that Whitewolf was possibly abandoned by UN peacekeepers much earlier than 2013, given that anti-government insurgents are already present at the compound in one of the missions by late 2012.


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