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« NATO forces suffer a major disaster in Livonia.
Mission Description

False Negative is the first mission of ArmA 3's non-canonical First Contact campaign.


The player controls U.S. Army drone operator Specialist Aiden Rudwell. Exercise Electron-39 is in full swing and Rudwell's squad, callsign Howlite, has been tasked with the objective of retaking the SIŁA Factory from the Livonian OPFOR.

Rudwell's role/class:

  • Infantry / Ammo Bearer

Default loadout:

The briefing loadout menu is not available for this mission.



  • (1) Move Up
  • (2) Disable UGV
  • (3) Access Terminal
  • (4) Move to TOC
  • (5) Take Map
  • (6) Examine Map
  • (7) Move to EW Training Area
  • (8) Take Jammer
  • (9) Receive UAV Signal
  • (10) Track UAV Signal
  • (11) Jam UAV Signal
  • (12) Move to Point Dakota
  • (13) Take GPS Rangefinder
  • (14) Locate Target
  • (15) Confirm Coordinates
  • (16) Check for Survivors
  • (17) Take Medikit
  • (18) Investigate APC
  • (19) Treat Injury




  • Rudwell must survive
  • Avoid collateral damage/friendly fire
  • Obey safety regulations and do not remove the SIMCOM Adapter unless ordered to do so
  • Do not leave the training grounds unless authorised to do so


Primary 1: Move Up

Follow Lieutenant Kingsly and move through the forest.

You can either "kill" the Livonian OPFOR units or let Kingsly/Dillon do the grunt work. Either way, once you reach the outskirts of the SIŁA Factory where Private Baker was "killed", your squad will be given a new task.

Primary 2: Disable UGV

Approach the drone that's being jammed by Corporal Stype. Press and hold the spacebar key when the action prompt appears.

Primary 3: Access Terminal

Enter the guardhouse and do the same with the computer terminal. You will then be "killed" by a Livonian soldier shortly afterwards and the training exercise will end.

Primary 4: Move to TOC

Run straight to the Tactical Operations Centre (TOC) and speak to Major Homewood.

Primary 5: Take Map

Hold the spacebar key on the map stuck to the whiteboard.

Primary 6: Examine Map

Close your map when Homewood stops talking. You can click on each of the markers to get more info on them but it isn't required to do so.

Primary 7: Move to EW Training Area

Head to the Electronic Warfare Training Area building at grid 073-027. Go all the way upstairs until you reach the rooftop where Cpl. Stype is waiting for you.

Primary 8: Take Jammer

Pick up the Spectrum Device (SD) off the table next to Cpl. Stype.

Keep in mind that the SD is considered to be a sidearm so you can still wield it alongside your primary weapon. Obviously, you will no longer be able to carry a pistol from this point forward (it cannot be dropped from your inventory).

Primary 9: Receive UAV Signal

Point the SD towards the Darter UAV.

Primary 10: Track UAV Signal

Keep pointing the SD towards the Darter UAV. It will fly south and then north behind the factory buildings (you can keep tracking it through the building's roof) before finally flying east over the hills.

Primary 11: Jam UAV Signal

The Darter will fly back towards you and come to a hover next to the building. Hold the fire key while pointing in the UAV's direction and wait until the bars on your terminal signify that the drone is being jammed successfully.

Primary 12: Move to Point Dakota

Climb up the hills to the east and head straight for Point Dakota where Lt. Kingsly is waiting for you.

If you need more stamina, don't forget that you can ditch your weapons, ammo, helmet and vest as there won't be any need for them (do keep your backpack though).

Primary 13: Take GPS Rangefinder

Detach the designator from the turret with the action prompt when it appears.

Primary 14: Locate Target

Point towards the purple smoke cloud on the other side of the valley. You need to keep pointing at it until Rudwell attempts to "fix" it.

Primary 15: Confirm Coordinates

Point the designator at the purple smoke again once Rudwell manages get it working (keep it steady on the smoke). You should get proper coordinates display on the interface once this happens and Rudwell confirms the coordinates.

Primary 16: Check for Survivors

Once the drone botches the airstrike, go back down the hill to the motor pool/repair depot where you saw the group of U.S./Livonian soldiers standing around idle.

Primary 17: Take Medikit

Head for the medical truck parked to the south and take a medikit from the vehicle's cargo hold.

Primary 18: Investigate APC

Enter the main factory ground. You should immediately run into a giant sinkhole with Cpl. Stype's APC trapped within.

Primary 19: Treat Injury

Climb down the APC's hull until you get within range of Cpl. Stype. Treat his wound using the action prompt when it appears. Some more dialogue will commence and the mission will end shortly afterwards.


  • False Negative marks the first time that soldiers equipped with blank firing adapters/simulators have been featured in the series.
    • It is also the very first campaign scenario to introduce Electronic Warfare (EW) as a gameplay mechanic, though it is purely scripted and is not actually functional outside of the campaign.
  • The text commands Rudwell enters into the drone terminal used to disable LDF UGVs is a reference to scripting commands used in ArmA 3 itself (specifically the enableSimulation command).
  • When Kingsly orders Rudwell to assist in repairing the "GPS Rangefinder" (a Remote Designator turret from the Marksmen DLC) so that he can green-light the drone strike, he unusually states that its ordnance is guided by GPS. However, it is not actually possible to deploy and guide munitions via GPS/INS in regular gameplay.
    • The "GPS Rangefinder" itself also displays a unique reticle when viewed through it in first person for the targeting sequence. Faulty GPS coordinates are initially displayed before the correct ones are obtained. After the bomb misses its target, attempting to look through the "GPS Rangefinder" again will show that the GPS coordinates are no longer displayed on its reticle.
  • The Panther APC actually has an invisible Roadway LOD ramp-like object placed on top of the vehicle's hull. This is specifically implemented to allow Rudwell to "climb" up and down from the sinkhole (it is not normally possible to walk on the hulls of in-game vehicles).

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