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Field Pack
Faction Icon-side-blufor.png FIA
Icon-side-blufor.png Loyalists
Icon-side-redfor.png CSAT
Icon-side-redfor.png Gendarmerie (OM)
Icon-side-redfor.png Russian Spetsnaz
Icon-side-greenfor.png AAF
Icon-side-greenfor.png Syndikat
Icon-side-greenfor.png L'Ensemble
Mass 30
Storage capacity 200 mass



The Field Pack is a multi-faction backpack in ArmA 3.


A relatively compact backpack, the Field Pack can store up to 200 "mass" units worth of gear or ammunition. It weighs a total of 30 "mass" units when unloaded.

For all intents and purposes, the Field Pack serves as a compromise between the smaller Assault Pack and (barely) heavier Tactical Backpack. It has 40 more "mass" than the former but 40 less than the latter.

One advantage of the Field Pack is that its compact dimensions make the wearer's silhouette stand out far less compared to its larger counterparts. In all other aspects however, it isn't all too different from the Tactical Backpack aside from the reduced capacity.


  • Green: Dark olive green colour scheme.
  • Black: All-black colour scheme.
  • Coyote: Darkened tan colour scheme with khaki straps.
  • Khaki: Worn-out and darkened olive colour scheme with black straps.
  • Hex: Arid Hexacam camouflage scheme with tan straps.
  • Olive: Lighter olive green colour scheme with pale green straps.
  • Urban: Urban Hexacam camouflage scheme with dark tan straps.
  • Green Hex: Tropical Hexacam camouflage scheme with tan straps.
  • Taiga: Taiga Hexacam camouflage scheme with olive green straps.


  • The in-game Field Pack is based on the real-world "Gorod" backpack used in limited numbers with some Russian special operations units.
  • Prior to Game Update 1.08 (part of the AAF Reinforcements Pack), the coyote-coloured Field Pack was initially exclusive to Mediterranean CSAT forces. Following the patch, all were refactored to carry the Arid Hexacam versions instead.


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