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« Following Syndikat's unchecked aggression towards the citizens of Tanoa, Group 15 launch an operation to draw out their leadership.
Mission Description

Firestarter is the third mission of ArmA 3's Apex Protocol campaign.


The players control four operatives from CTRG's Group 15. Syndikat have repurposed a facility on the main island of Tanoa and have disguised it as a lumberyard to stockpile their contraband.

In the hopes of drawing out their elusive leader, CTRG intend on demolishing the facility and inflict a crippling blow to their operations.

Recommended team composition:

  • 1× Grenadier, 1× Sharpshooter, 2× Paramedic OR 1× Scout, 1× Sharpshooter, 2× Paramedic
  • (Optional) 3× Paramedic, 1× Sharpshooter

Due to the amount of CQB encounters for this mission, it is recommended that you have at least two Paramedics to prevent the team from being wiped out in a single bad fight. One player (ideally the marksman) should always stay at the overwatch position above the rocks to provide sniper support since they have the best view over the entire facility.

Other than Paramedics, the remaining Support classes are not helpful for this mission since everyone carries demo charges no matter the role. This also applies to most of the Assault classes since Autoriflemen aren't equipped well to deal with CQB and Riflemen are a redundant class (as always). Picking between Scouts (Recon) or Grenadiers (Assault) comes down to personal preference; Scouts are lightweight and have better optics/more stamina to sprint while Grenadiers have better personal protection.



  • (1) Move to the Facility
  • (2) Destroy Supply Stockpiles
  • (3) Destroy the 1st Stockpile
  • (4) Destroy the 2nd Stockpile
  • (5) Destroy the 3rd Stockpile
  • (6) Leave the Area
  • (7) Extract


  • (8) Destroy Remaining Stockpiles


  • If enabled, the team must not run out of respawn tickets


Primary 1: Move to the Facility

You start off north-west of the lumberyard near the roadhouse. Move south until you reach a rocky cliff overlooking the entire facility. Avoid the checkpoint on the road below as instructed. You can use this opportunity to scout enemy positions and have your sharpshooter set up a firing position.

Once you're ready to engage, have the rest of the team move down and begin working through each section of the facility. The sharpshooter can stealthily get rid of most enemies from above but the remaining ones will have to be dealt with by the other players.

Remember to lean sideways or make good use of the camera to peek around corners (if third person view is enabled). Avoid the temptation to charge inside buildings all at once when breaching as all it takes is one machine gunner to mow down three players in one burst. Stack up in a column formation and move in one by one - if the first player gets downed, you can revive them after dealing with the attacker.

In addition, be ready for the Syndikat QRF as it will be arriving soon after you commence the attack and the facility is alerted to your presence. Coming in from the northern road, it'll consist of an armed technical, two trucks and an unarmoured transport, all chock full of insurgents. Your sharpshooter should be able to easily get rid of them from their position. If not, the players inside the facility will need to do the hard work. Watch the road from the north-west (where you inserted from) and intercept them as they come in.

Primary 2: Destroy Supply Stockpiles

Once the facility is cleared of insurgents, you can safely begin planting charges over the supply caches. Refer to the following map for their locations:

Cache #1: Violet
Cache #2: Green
Cache #3: Blue
Optional caches: Orange

Set up one demo charge at each of the marked locations and make sure everyone is clear of the blast radius.

Primary 3: Destroy the 1st Stockpile


This cache is located inside the white warehouse on the northern corner.

Primary 4: Destroy the 2nd Stockpile


This cache is located inside the blue garage on the south-eastern side. It comprises of stacked fuel barrels.

Primary 5: Destroy the 3rd Stockpile


This cache is located inside the shipping container, third from the right. The crates are stacked inside of it.

Primary 6: Leave the Area

Regardless of whether you chose to destroy the last stockpile (see Optional objective below), head for the extraction point whenever your team is ready. Move north-east along the path but be on the lookout for more insurgents as there is a squad standing between you and the extraction. Scouts can use their thermal optics to spot them from afar; otherwise, look for campfires and tents to locate them.

Once you've fought your way through, you'll stumble onto a camouflaged tent with an LSV. Mount up all players and drive straight to LZ Vesuvius (near the peak of Mont Tanoa).

Primary 7: Extract

Follow the dirt path. As soon as you arrive at the LZ, dismount or load the vehicle into the VTOL. Either way, all you have to do is wait until the dialogue is over. Mission complete!

Optional 8: Destroy Remaining Stockpiles


The remaining caches are hidden at various spots throughout the facility.

If you don't have enough explosives left, you can acquire a few more from the various crates. They're not conventional demo charges/satchels but IEDs work just as well for completing the objective.


  • Remember that your team is equipped with suppressors for all weapons unless you decide to pick up enemy weapons. You can stealthily eliminate most foes without them actually seeing your team provided that you don't spray rounds in a rapid succession.


  • Arma3-achievement-firestarter.png
    • Finding and destroying all of the optional stockpiles will earn all players this achievement.
    • Must be completed in a single playthrough; it does not matter who blows them up so long as all are destroyed.

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