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« Find and destroy the enemy camp using artillery.
Mission Description

Fireworks is the fourth mission of ArmA 2's Silver Lion campaign.


« Our patrols succeeded in dispersing most of Miyović's remaining troops. Radajev with Kazbekov and Kasun are in jail, but a handful of remaining militia are hiding somewhere in the woods. The last camp was located by an allied UAV and images of the area reveal technicals which slipped past our recon teams. If we succeed in this mission, it will end the fighting, though ethnic tensions will likely remain rooted forever. »


The player controls Czech 601st SFG operative Sergeant Bohuslav Kouba. All of the militia's senior commanders and officials have been arrested, but a few isolated groups of fighters are still hiding within the mountains. Kouba must hunt down the militia remnants and mark their camp for an artillery barrage.

Kouba's role/class:

  • Specops / Sniper

Default loadout:

There are no alternate pieces of equipment to choose from.



  • (1) Movement to the initial position
  • (2) Recon in assigned area
  • (3) Identify vehicles
  • (4) Guide the artillery




  • Kouba must survive
  • Avoid collateral damage/friendly fire
  • Remain within the AO


Primary 1: Movement to the initial position

You start at FOB Blanik. Wait until your unit's leader finishes his briefing and you'll be transported into the back of an offroad. Disembark once you arrive on the outskirts of the AO.

Primary 2: Recon in assigned area

Now you need to scout the zone highlighted in red mini-crosses.

The camp will always spawn at a random location per playthrough, so it can potentially be hidden inside a forest clearing to the west, a barn in the north, or the rolling hills to the south and east. No matter where it spawns, you should spot a batch of BRDMs and trucks parked next to camouflaged tents and campfires.

You can stalk enemy patrols on the outskirts of the camp to find it that way, though it's a little more risky if they detect you in the process. When you get closer to the camp, be on the lookout for any watch towers with a sentries manning them.

Proceed to mark the vehicles for artillery (see Primary objective below) and fire support units will take care of the rest. Just deal with any stragglers who may have survived the initial barrage.

Primary 3: Identify vehicles

Successfully aligning the required vehicles. Note that you can still mark targets through foliage as the cursor only has to line up the three targets.

To mark targets for the artillery, you need to switch to your LRTV and keep it pointed it at the vehicles until the meter turns into a green box.

This signifies that the target has been successfully painted. You need to make sure all the BRDMs/anti-air trucks are marked via the LRTV. Stand as far as you can - preferably from the west/east depending on your preference, then align yourself so that the marker faces all three vehicles. Kouba will automatically notify Mace 1 over the radio if you've done this successfully.

It can be finicky and may take some trial and error to trigger. Experiment with the targeting from multiple directions. Don't worry if it doesn't trigger the first time (including second, third or even fourth attempts). To be on the safe side, you may want to eliminate the nearby patrols first to give you more elbow room to manoeuvre.

Primary 4: Guide the artillery

Move to a safe distance away from the predicted blast zone (ideally 400 or more meters).

Equip the LRTV again and point in the direction of the vehicles. Select the Artillery Bombardment option in the Radio Menu and keep your cursor pointed at the vehicles. Remain focused on them until they successfully strike the targets.

Once the vehicles are destroyed, the screen will fade to black and the mission will end in success.


  • Avoid combat wherever possible. You're supposed to recon the area to identify targets for Mace 1's battery to deal with. If you need to engage any of the patrols, do it quickly and don't get dragged into a firefight for any longer than necessary.


  • Kouba is strangely ranked as a Corporal for this mission even though his official rank hasn't changed since Man's Best Friend. This is even lampshaded by the briefing description which correctly denotes him as a Sergeant.
  • Mace 1 does not actually fire any rockets at marked targets. All fire missions involving Mace 1's battery are entirely scripted, with the "rocket" impacts comprising of FAB-250 bombs spawned via script at the impact locations to simulate the blast of 122 mm rockets.

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