Fowley was a minor character in ArmA: Cold War Assault's Cold War Crisis campaign.


Fowley was one of the many U.S. Army soldiers deployed on the island of Malden as part of NATO's ongoing efforts to maintain a presence in the Everon island chain.

Like his fellow squad member Corporal Kozlowski, Fowley specialised as a combat medic, and was a member of Alpha squad alongside David Armstrong, Bormioli, and Sergeant Berghof (the commanding NCO).

Cold War Crisis (1985)

With the rest of Alpha, Fowley is woken up in the middle of the night by Sgt. Berghof who immediately ordered them to assemble in front of the barracks.

Colonel Blake, the commanding officer of all NATO troops on both Malden and Everon, began to brief the squad on a growing contingency. Alpha was to be immediately deployed on a scouting mission to discover the identity of unknown attackers who had destroyed the training camp on Everon.

The next morning, Alpha are ferried via helicopters to the northeast coast of Everon. Fowley was briefed on the flight in towards the town of Morton. They were to secure the town and await further orders.

« Kozlowski: I dunno, Fowley. You think it's the Russians?
Fowley: Don't be a schmuck. The Russians wouldn't dare. Not with us next door.
Kozlowski: Yeah, Fowley. They must look across the sea at you and feel pretty scared.
Fowley and Kozlowski on the flight into Morton

The unknown attackers had fortified the town but Fowley's squad, supported by elements from Bravo and Charlie squads, are able to liberate Morton. They were then ordered to attack another village south of Morton called Regina which is also quickly seized by the three squads.

In spite of their successes thus far, Fowley's squad is ordered to pull back from Regina when reports come in enemy heavy tanks approaching their positions. They are forced to abandon the village and retreat to Morton.

Two days later, Alpha are now set up near the town of Le Moule and are given orders to set up a temporary camp nearby. At this point, most of Alpha were firmly convinced that they were about to start World War III as the attackers were clearly Soviet troops. After returning with Armstrong, Sgt. Berghof assigns Kozlowski, Bormioli, and Armstrong (again) to accompany him on patrol through the nearby woods. Berghof leaves Fowley in charge to handle the construction of the camp.

Later that evening, Fowley and Alpha are mobilised to relieve Lieutenant Kaufman who had been surrounded while on en-route back to Le Moule. Although Fowley's squad manages to reach the convoy, they are too late to save the officer.

With the situation on Everon now spiralling dangerously out of control, U.S. troops are ordered to quickly seize the city of Montignac before the Soviets could entrench themselves. The combined might of the three squads supported by air power and light armour, manage to liberate the city after an hour of fierce fighting.


Fowley's squad (alongside Bravo and Charlie) are eventually issued the order to retreat from Montignac, with evacuation points set up all along the coast of Everon.

During the retreat, the attack force sent to Montignac comes under heavy fire from Soviet reinforcements who easily overrun the Americans. Fowley perishes in the counterattack, leaving Armstrong as the sole survivor of his squad and the rest of the Montignac attack force.

Personality and Appearance

Fowley was a Caucasian male with trimmed black hair. His standard attire consisted of a Battle Dress Uniform (BDU), ALICE chest rig, and a PASGT combat helmet camouflaged in the ERDL woodland pattern. Like all medics, he wore a white armband with the red cross symbol emblazoned strapped onto it around his left arm.

« Kozlowski: OK, I spy with my little eye, something beginning with... G.
Fowley: Gun.
Kozlowski: Er... No, it's not gun.
Fowley: It's gun, isn't it, Kozlowski? I saw you looking at it. Jeez, you even cheat at I-Spy.
Kozlowski: It's not gun, it's... jeep.
Fowley: Jeep doesn't start with G, you meathead!
The usual level of Fowley and Kozlowski's disputes

Slightly eccentric, Fowley shared a friendly rivalry with his fellow medic Kozlowski. The two constantly bickered with each other over the most mundane things - often to the sheer annoyance of his superiors and fellow squad members.


  • Fowley can die in any of the missions up until Alert, though he isn't canonically killed until the events of Montignac Must Fall.

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