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Full Ghillie
Faction Icon-side-blufor.png NATO
Icon-side-greenfor.png AAF
Armour rating None
Mass 80
Storage capacity 60


Full Ghillies are multi-faction uniforms in ArmA 3. They were added with the release of the Marksmen DLC.


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This is a premium asset that requires ownership of the Marksmen DLC.

Ghillie suits optimised specifically for use by snipers, Full Ghillies offer the best concealment from both the naked eye and thermal optics/infrared sensors. They weigh a total "mass" of 80 to wear and provide 60 units of storage space for ammunition/gear.

Provided that they do not stand up and expose their face (which is not concealed), the user can remain mostly undetectable to IR-based electronics. For best results however, donning a thermally masked balaclava will hide the thermal signature of the user's face, resulting in the wearer becoming fully "invisible" on the infrared spectrum.

Full Ghillies do not offer any protection from either gunfire or explosives.



Full Ghillie [CSAT]
Faction Icon-side-redfor.png CSAT
Icon-side-redfor.png Viper
Armour rating Level II
Mass 120
Storage capacity 60

Premium content logo.png
This is a premium asset that requires ownership of the Marksmen DLC.

Worn by CSAT snipers and Viper operatives. Just like regular fatigues with ghillie jackets applied over them, this variant of the Full Ghillie variant is unique for being bullet-resistant.

It is rated at Level II protection standards, with the wearer's chest, abdomen, diaphragm, pelvis, legs, arms and hands each retaining a base armour value of 12.

Aside from the hands and legs, all other parts of the body reduce incoming damage by 67% (only 10% in the case of arms/hands). This will allow the wearer to survive a maximum of one 7.62 mm round to any covered part of the body at point blank range.

Unlike the Full Ghillies worn by other factions, the CSAT variant weighs almost twice as much with a "mass" value of 120 instead. Total storage-capacity remains unchanged at 60, however.


  • Arid: Suited for desert environments.
  • Semi-Arid: Useful for dry environments with grasslands or rocky terrain.
  • Lush: Designed for use in temperate woodland and non-tropical forests.
  • Jungle: Intended for tropical environments. Exclusive to Pacific NATO and CSAT forces only.


  • The Full Ghillie's concealment attributes only apply to sniper-type infantry classes due to ArmA 3's technical limitations.
    • For dedicated sniper classes, the Full Ghillie greatly reduces the likelihood of detection by both enemy players and hostile AI. With a modifier of 60% (factor of 0.4), the wearer won't be spotted from afar unless they make noticeable movements and/or stand up.
    • However, this is only due to the integral camouflage value of their infantry class, not because of the uniform itself.


  • Jungle camouflaged variants were only made available after the release of the Apex expansion pack.
    • Full Ghillies were also the only uniforms in ArmA 3 which provided concealment on the infrared spectrum prior to the expansion's release.
  • Despite being based on the exact same ghillie suit model shared with both NATO/AAF and remaining visually unchanged (aside from camouflage), CSAT Full Ghillies strangely offer ballistic-resistant qualities like their regular combat fatigues.
  • Prior to the unveiling and release of the Marksmen DLC, a snapshot (Texture name: dlc_bundle_ca.paa) of what Full Ghillies would look like in the final version could be seen in the game's DLC browser menu.


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