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« Warmonger, I see armor near the tower, distance 2000, permission to engage. And please no garbage about tower being your position, over.
Garry Pierce during the defence of FOB Arizona

Garry Pierce is a main character in ArmA 2's Operation Arrowhead campaign.


An aviator in the U.S. Army, Pierce is a highly skilled and versatile pilot who has already been in several combat and non-combat operations prior to his deployment to Takistan as part of the U.S.-led Task Force Knight.

Pierce goes by the callsign of Renegade One and primarily operates the AH-64D attack helicopter, though he is also trained to fly several other kinds rotary-wing aircraft as well.

He shares a close bond with his fellow group of friends who are also in TF Knight: Howard Drake, Ben Herrera and 1st SFOD-D operative, Terry Graves.

Operation Arrowhead (2012)


Post-Operation Arrowhead


Personality and Appearance

A black African-American male in his mid-thirties, Pierce bears a clean-shaven face and shaved head. He wears the standard-issue gear of a U.S. Army pilot, which consists of an olive drab green-coloured SPH-5 aviator helmet, UCP-camouflaged survival vest, and a tan-coloured overalls.

Possessing a calm demeanour and a mild voice, Pierce is a collected individual who is said to never curse even when under heavy fire or when he's forced to make emergency landings.

As the oldest and highest-ranking member of the group, he is also the most experienced and wisest member. Despite this and his rank, he's not particularly strict and is fairly lenient to his friends and subordinates alike.


  • Pierce's status during the events of Operation Arrowhead is inconsistently listed on the official canon timeline.
    • It is stated that he was captured by Takistani forces during the Open Season mission and was held captive but later manages to escape when TF Knight assaults the Rasman airfield in Sandstorm.
    • However, it isn't possible for this to occur in actual gameplay as being shot down will result in From Hell being the next playable mission in the campaign regardless of whether the player lands in friendly or hostile territory.
    • In addition, TF Knight does not conduct a full-scale attack on the airbase in this mission and Pierce is only rescued by U.S. troops led by Drake (Pierce doesn't flee on his own).
  • Pierce makes a cameo appearance in Take On Helicopters, a flight simulator title released separately by Bohemia Interactive.


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