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The Gendarmerie is a BLUFOR and OPFOR faction in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Apex DLC.


« The Gendarmerie faction represents a local law enforcement agency on Tanoa.
Official ArmA 3 Apex site description


Specifically formed to curtail illegal activities such as drugs and arms smuggling throughout the Horizon Islands, they are essentially a militarised police force that primarily operates out of the country's Tanoa Province. As of 2035, the agency is led by Director-General Roch Robineau.

In the wake of a series of natural disasters that have struck the island nation, the Gendarmerie have recently been working alongside NATO peacekeepers deployed to Tanoa as part of the "Safe Horizon" exercises to root out a new threat called the Syndikat.

Post-South Pacific Disaster

Three years after the South Pacific Disaster, the Gendarmerie continue to maintain law and order throughout the Horizon Islands.

In light of the nation's change in leadership and diplomatic switch towards the East however, the Gendarmerie's main focus has transitioned to countering various anti-CSAT groups and suppressing unauthorised protests. They have been increasingly militarised and now work to dismantle illegal organisations such as the so-called "L'Ensemble" movement.

In addition, they protect vital installations such as airports and seaports throughout the Tanoa Province. Following the outbreak of a super-strain of malaria, the Gendarmerie also maintain security checkpoints leading into provincial quarantine zones. Gendarmerie officers are often assisted by CSAT advisers who provide tactical leadership and combat support for units in the field.


The Gendarmerie would find itself in a escalating series of conflicts with the Syndikat, following a major earthquake that struck many of the South Pacific island chains.

The criminal organisation has been mounting increasing numbers of raids against government infrastructure and villages throughout the Tanoa province - and against the Gendarmerie itself. As the Syndikat rapidly grew in size, it would prove to be too much for the now-outgunned police force to handle.

Prior to the NATO deployment, the Gendarmerie have already lost control over a significant number of territories throughout Tanoa.

Events of Apex Protocol (2035)


NOTE: This section contains spoilers from ArmA 3 Apex's 'Apex Protocol' campaign.

Following a series of raids against Syndikat weapons caches, CTRG manage to locate and free a captive officer being held by the insurgents. The surviving officer informs the team of the whereabouts of a nearby tower which Syndikat had re-purposed into an outpost.

In the hopes of obtaining more intel on Keystone's whereabouts, CTRG proceed to assault the location of the outpost and destroy a Syndikat convoy along the way. They find even more hidden supplies, which all turn out to be of CSAT in origin as well.

Post-Apex Protocol

« I weep for my countrymen. There can be no question. CSAT have engineered chaos and destruction on a massive scale. By supplying dangerous criminals with military weapons, they have sought to murder the people of the Horizon Islands.
Benjamin Hope, President of the Horizon Islands

With the death of their leader and senior lieutenants at the hands of CTRG, the Gendarmerie presumably dismantle the remnants of Syndikat successfully.

Following the crisis' resolution, Gendarmerie units can be seen providing security at the conference in Georgetown as the president of the Horizon Islands, Benjamin Hope, gives a speech denouncing CSAT for its involvement in the "Apex Protocol" plans to destabilise the Horizon Islands.

Events of Old Man (2038)

Numerous quarantine zones with fortified checkpoints are established by joint Tanoan/Chinese forces.

Despite the revelations from the "Apex Protocol Papers", the new pro-CSAT government has cut its ties with Western countries in favour of the East. However, the latest outbreak of a supposed super-strain of malaria has also forced a sweeping lock down of several settlements all across the Tanoa Province.

In response to the outbreak (and agreeing to demands from CSAT officials), the Gendarmerie work alongside the growing, heavily-militarised presence of Chinese forces accompanying the decontamination teams.

Gendarmerie units guard fortified checkpoints leading into quarantine zones alongside their Chinese CSAT counterparts.

Remaining on alert for insurgents from the anti-government L'Ensemble movement, vehicles are checked for signs of hidden weapons and other illegal contraband being smuggled into areas. Unfortunately, several incidents involving non-compliant citizens have already resulted in accidental deaths. Some checkpoints have even come under attack by unknown assailants, though their actual identities have yet to be confirmed.


Responsible for provding both domestic and regional security, the Gendarmerie mostly use a mixture of small arms imported from abroad and vehicles suited for the local terrain.

The primary weapon of choice for most officers is the Protector, a compact submachine gun chambered for the 9×21 mm cartridge, while the P07 pistol serves as the standard-issue sidearm for most officers. Compared to the larger 7.62×39 mm-chambered firearms used by the Syndikat, the Gendarmerie are somewhat outgunned as a result.

Mixture of pre-SPD Gendarmerie assets.

Their uniforms consist of rugged combat pants mixed in with either sweaters or poloshirts. Regular officers prefer to wear military-style caps, while high-ranking officers don berets emblazoned with the logo of the Gendarmerie. Regardless of seniority however, all officers wear ballistic vests with a medium blue colour scheme.

For ease of travel around Tanoa's variable terrain, officers utilise Offroads that have a dark blue, high-visibility paint scheme. In addition, they occasionally utilise modified Vans when deploying into urban areas or for when tactical assaults are required.

Post-South Pacific Disaster

Post-SPD units (from Top-Left to Bottom-Right):
- Quick Reaction Force teams (TL)
- Tactical response units (TR)
- Quarantine zone guards (BL)
- Special agents (BR)

Thanks to the extensive support provided by its CSAT benefactors, the Gendarmerie have been significantly up-armed in recent years and have gained access to a wider range of arsenal.

Though most officers on patrol still carry P07s and Protectors, tactical response units and quarantine zone guards have been issued heavier weapons ranging from LIM-85 light machine guns to ADR-97 SMGs and RPG-7 rocket launchers.

Courtesy of the financial aid from their CSAT allies, some tactical response teams are even equipped with Promet/Katiba bullpups and SPAR-16 assault rifles imported from abroad.

Roadblocks manned alongside Chinese advisers are on occasion fortified with 12.7 mm heavy machine guns. Though uncommon, their effectiveness in stopping fleeing L'Ensemble trucks and potential Vehicle-borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) threats have made them a growing necessity for quarantine zone checkpoints.

Personal protective equipment has been expanded to include commercially available ballistic-resistant helmets alongside their standard body armour vests. Depending on the situation, bump helmets and ski masks may be worn by specialist officers. Police divers utilise military-grade closed-circuit rebreathers and diving suits to traverse the depths of Tanoa's archipelago.



  • The Gendarmerie were initially exclusive to BLUFOR upon the Apex expansion's release, but were later added as an OPFOR faction following the Old Man campaign update.

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