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NOTE: This article is about the Attidan Guerrilla commander in ArmA: Mobile Ops. For the leader of the FIA rebel group in ArmA 3, see Kostas Stavrou.

« And who are you? Huh? Let me tell you who you are, you're a lamb lost in a wolf's territory. Now, buzz off, mate, this is no walk in the park.
Kostas taunting the Task Force commander in their first encounter.

General Kostas is the main antagonist of ArmA: Mobile Ops' storyline campaign.


« After a triumphant coup d'etat, a puppet government was installed on Attida island. The mastermind behind the coup - General Kostas - managed, however, to stay in the shadows for a long time. It was Sophia who, secretly continuing her investigation right in the middle of the guerrila's den, managed to expose Kostas to Colonel Martin's Task Force. Hungry for power, Kostas is never reluctant to use vile and gruesome methods.
Official background description

Kostas serves as the leader of the Attidan Guerrillas. Following his shadowy takeover of Atida, Kostas continued to solidify his control over the island nation, oppressing its population and hunting down traitors as he saw fit.

Liberator of Lignos

The deployment of the multi-national Task Force unit would begin to chip away at his power base however. But Kostas dismissed the foreigners as nothing more than a token peacekeeping force rather than a genuine threat, and did not focus his efforts in driving out the invaders.

It wasn't until more than a third of his bases were destroyed by the Task Force did he begin to take them seriously.

« How did he find me? This stinks! Someone must have talked. Wait, what about that girl who was here yesterday?
Kostas begins to rightfully suspect Sophia's duplicity

Though he boastfully claimed to the Task Force's Commander that they had destroyed nothing more than "empty" warehouses, Kostas' forces were struggling to maintain the initiative. He begins to suspect that there may be a spy amongst his ranks, given how surgically the Task Force were operating in rooting out his caches.

After realising that a civilian journalist had been "perusing" through one of his bases just hours before another attack, he dispatches his men to take her into custody. With the journalist in his grip, Kostas intends to execute her as an example to others, and taunts the commander for their inability in being able to prevent her execution.

« Ah, you again. I have news for you sonny. Your girlfriend is not coming to meet you. Does that make you saaad?
Kostas' taunts directed against the Task Force's commander

Unfortunately for Kostas, the Task Force are able to rescue the journalist in time. To make matters worse, intel she had gathered during her captivity helps the invaders discover even more of his supplies. They even manage to destroy one of his prized possessions; a railgun cannon that he had smuggled into the country.

Facing constant defeats, an increasingly flustered Kostas soon finds himself cut off when the Task Force seize the only remaining guerilla-controlled harbour out of Atida.


Kostas remained defiant even though defeat was all but certain at this point. He retreated to his only base located on a mountain top on the east of the island, and braced for the Task Force's attack.

« How could this be!? We cannot be defeated! This is not the end! You hear me?! This island will be ours in the end!
Kostas' angry tirade as he's dragged away by Task Force soldiers

In spite of throwing everything he had at the attackers, his remaining forces were unable to turn the tides of battle and ultimately lost. Kostas is quickly apprehended by Task Force troops in the immediate aftermath of the battle, and is sent away to be tried for war crimes.

Personality and Appearance

Kostas appears as a dark skinned, middle-aged man. He is always seen wearing a camouflaged jacket with a simple white shirt beneath.

Ruthless and calculating, Kostas shows no mercy to his foes and will crush them without hesitation. He is also quite sharp, as shown by how quickly he realised that Sophia was the person behind exposing his identity.

Though he's particularly cunning, especially when it comes to rooting out possible traitors, Kostas tends to underestimate his enemies to his own detriment. This is particularly evident in his exchanges with the commander, as each subsequent encounter shows him becoming increasingly frustrated and prone to making mistakes.

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