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The Kommando Spezialkrafte (shortened to KSK) is a BLUFOR faction in ArmA 2. It was added with the release of the Operation Arrowhead expansion pack.


Considered to be among one of the best special operations units globally, the KSK are formed from elite units within the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr).

The KSK represent Germany's contribution to NATO's joint task force operating in Takistan. They work closely alongside the U.S. Army's Task Force Knight, the Czech 601st SFG, as well as with the British Army.


Tropentarn desert camouflage used by KSK operatives.

KSK operators are predominately armed with the G36 family of 5.56 mm assault rifles and carry the G17 9 mm handgun as their standard-issue sidearm.

All operators wear lightweight gear optimised for use in their long distance patrols through the arid environments of Takistan, and are camouflaged in the Bundeswehr's iconic Tropentarn desert camouflage pattern.

For headgear, the majority of KSK operatives only wear booniehats or keffiyehs to conceal their identities. The latter also serves as a protective measure to shield the wearer against Takistan's harsh weather conditions and scorching sun.



  • The KSK faction was added for Operation Arrowhead's release as a tribute to the German ArmA community.
  • Whilst KSK units do utilise their own specific radio protocol, the voices are simply just reused American English protocols as no actual German voices were recorded for Operation Arrowhead's release.

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