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Hardy was a minor character in ArmA 3's The East Wind campaign.


Hardy was a member of the Combat Technology Research Group (CTRG), a multi-national NATO black ops unit. He served as an engineer/demolitions specialist as part of CTRG's Group 14 and was subordinate to Lieutenant James.

Hardy was initially deployed to the mainland island of the Republic of Altis and Stratis. Along with the rest of Group 14, they covertly backed the local resistance movement against the hardline Altian government of Georgious Akhanteros.

Unbeknownst to the guerillas, Hardy's primary mission (and that of Group 14's) was not to ensure the downfall of the hardline regime, but rather the retrieval of a CSAT weapon of mass destruction known only by its name of "Project Eastwind".

The East Wind (2035)

On July 7th, 2035, Hardy and several members of Group 14 broke off from the main group to board a flight bound for the smaller landmass of Stratis.

Not long after their arrival at the decommissioned Camp Maxwell, government forces launch a "retaliatory" attack against the remaining peacekeepers of Task Force Aegis.

The leader of Group 14, Captain Scott Miller, rallied the survivors of TF Aegis over the radio and dispatched James to collect them. Posing as British special forces, Hardy and the others from Group 14 would be assigned under the callsign of Delta by Capt. Miller.

Though the members of TF Aegis were unaware of it at the time, Hardy and the rest of Delta were not working to support their guerilla-style attacks against the AAF. Miller was sending them to search for other reasons unrelated to the task force.

Hardy and the others did later regroup (temporarily) to support an attack on the AAF-held Air Station Mike-26. However Delta wasn't sent there to retake the facility, but rather to destroy it to prevent the survivors from being able to call for reinforcements.

A day later, Hardy and the rest of Delta made preparations to leave the island, having apparently completed their search on Stratis. Led by Miller, Delta prepared to escape on two boats while waiting on TF Aegis to commence their final attack against the town of Agia Marina.

Most of TF Aegis were later annihilated by CSAT reinforcements, though a small number of survivors had managed to endure the first wave and were now headed in Delta's direction. Miller waited to see if the survivors could make it to the boats. When they finally arrived, the survivors boarded the vessels and departed from the island, bound for Altis to rejoin with the other members of Group 14.

However, they don't make it far before a flight of AAF jets suddenly strafe the two boats and launch missiles, capsizing the vessels and knocking Hardy overboard.


Ultimately, it's unclear as to how Hardy had managed to survive the initial attack and somehow dragged Cpl. Ben Kerry alongside him.

« He - Hardy didn't make it, I'm sorry - I found him washed up on the beach...
Cpl. Kerry relays news of Hardy's passing to Lt. James

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding his death, his bloodied corpse was discovered by Kerry the next day when the latter regained his consciousness.

Personality and Appearance

Hardy was a white male who had a short, dark brown-coloured head of hair.

He preferred to wear only a simple white/pale green undershirt with combat pants camouflaged in CTRG's Arid Dazzle pattern, along with a snakeskin/mud brown plate carrier for personal protection. For headwear and eyewear (respectively), he donned an olive green-coloured cap with a subdued British flag patch as well as a pair of black JoeyX shades.


  • Hardy is the first member of Group 14 to canonically die during the events of The East Wind.

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