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ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign takes place in the Green Sea nation of Chernarus. Players assume the role of USMC Force Recon operator Matthew Cooper from callsign Razor Team.

U.S. forces have intervened in the country following the outbreak of a civil war, fought between Western-backed government forces and pro-Russian separatists.


October 2009. At the request of the Chernarussian government-in-exile, the United States has been authorised to dispatch intervention forces to the region of South Zagoria in north-eastern Chernarus. Pro-Russian separatists known as the "Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star" or "ChDKZ" for short, have executed the incumbent Prime Minister of Chernarus and overrun the province.

The Marines of the 27th Marine Expeditionary Unit (27th MEU) have spent the last four days preparing for their invasion, codenamed Operation Harvest Red. Spearheading the ground assault are the MEU's elite Force Reconnaissance fireteams, with callsign Razor Team, led by First Sergeant Patrick Miles and Master Sergeant Matthew Cooper, notably being at the forefront of the MEU's offensive.

« Welcome to Operation Harvest Red. Just a few miles to the north lies the small country of Chernarus. Home to around 3,000,000 native Chernarussians and some 800,000 ethnic Russian settlers. They are not the best of friends... Tomorrow morning you will step from your landing craft and do what Marines were born to do! They, on the other hand, will wish they'd picked a country without a shoreline...
General David Armstrong rallies the MEU

Gregori Lopotev, leader of the ChDKZ.

While listening to the commander of the 27th give a rallying speech to the Marines aboard the USS Khe Sanh, Cooper's team is brought in by Force Recon commander Captain Shaftoe for a quick briefing on their upcoming mission.

Alongside several other Force Recon teams, Razor were to infiltrate the mountain village of Pusta near the regional capital of Chernogorsk. Their target was a ChDKZ communications outpost hidden somewhere inside the village. To disrupt the ChDKZ's line of communications, it had to be identified and laser marked for an airstrike.

In the early hours of October 8th, Cooper's team boarded their transport and were flown to a landing zone on the outskirts of Pusta. Swiftly and silently, Razor Team cut their way through the village and easily decimated Pusta's paltry garrison of insurgents.

To their disgust, they discovered that the ChDKZ were torturing the inhabitants and had even executed unarmed Chernarussian soldiers being treated by the village doctor. Those that were not "spared" by the ChDKZ were killed off and buried in a mass grave outside the village. Razor Team relayed this information back to the MEU's commander and recommended that the airstrike be called off, since there was no way to evacuate the villagers and avoid collateral damage. Razor opted to demolish the outpost with satchel charges instead.

After Pusta, Razor Team began moving to their extraction point but were redirected to head for the peak of the nearby mountain of Pik Kozlova. Another Force Recon element callsign Sabre Team, had been compromised and were pinned down by insurgents near the coast. Razor Team needed to help mark vital targets for artillery strikes. They fought their way through the ChDKZ-infested forest and eventually reached the overwatch position. There, they designated targets for laser-guided artillery shells and destroyed numerous ChDKZ tanks guarding the shore.

« Cooper: So far so good huh? Looks like this one's going to plan.
O'Hara: Yeah, we never have a problem getting into a country. It's getting out that's the bitch...
Operation Harvest Red begins

The sun had finally risen and Razor were given new orders to link up with the rest of the MEU as Operation Harvest Red began in full earnest. The invasion easily defeated the confused and isolated ChDKZ forces all along the region's coast. Less than a few hours later, only the regional capital of Chernogorsk remained under the ChDKZ's control.

Having linked up with Capt. Shaftoe on the outskirts of the capital, Razor were once again retasked to carry out a snatch-and-grab mission. The leader of the insurgents, Gregori Lopotev and his second-in-command Mikola Bardak, had been spotted hiding in a warehouse at the city's train depot, and the opportunity to capture all of the movement's senior commanders in one stroke presented itself.

The ChDKZ leaders are apprehended by Razor Team.

Albeit reluctantly, Razor Team agreed to the mission and fought their way through the city. They helped a eliminate an insurgent sniper that had pinned down an allied Marine squad before moving to breach the warehouse itself. Surprised by their ambush, the insurgent leaders were disarmed and quickly restrained.

At the same time, a CDF officer had arrived with "reinforcements" and informed Razor Team that the ChDKZ leaders were to be handed over to government forces.

« Nikitin: Good job Razor team. In the name of Chernarussian government I thank you for your outstanding cooperation in finding these prisoners, we will take them from here.
Rodriguez: I don't believe my fucking ears! We bail you out in Chernogorsk and now this?
Nikitin: Sergeant, this entire operation is under Chernarussian command, they are ours to question. Please, stand down.
CDF officer Nikola Nikitin "requestions" custody of the prisoners from Razor Team

The Marines angrily demanded an explanation but ultimately stood down and acceded to the officer's "orders"; on the condition that they be allowed to escort the insurgent leaders as well. On the ride back, the truck took an unexpected turn off the main roads out of the city and was suddenly hit by an explosion. Knocked unconscious, Razor's members woke to find themselves tied up inside another warehouse with the (now freed) ChDKZ leaders discussing their plans for escape.

Miles is brought to Lopotev.

Realising the CDF officer had betrayed them, Miles was suddenly dragged in front of Lopotev. The rest of Razor Team could do little but watch helplessly as Miles was executed with a shot to the head at point blank range.

Lopotev and Bardak began to leave the warehouse while the remaining insurgents motioned to execute Cooper and the others as well. Fortunately, Sabre Team breached the warehouse at that exact moment and eliminated Razor's would-be executioners. But they were already too late to save Miles and the ChDKZ leaders had managed to escape in the chaos.

« Sorry guys, he's gone...
Sabre Team's corpsman checks on Miles

Later that day, what was left of Razor Team gathered on the outskirts of Chernogorsk. Seeing as they were a man down, Capt. Shaftoe offered to allow the team to withdraw from Chernarus. Cooper, now promoted to the position of team leader, declined the offer, stating that they would continue the manhunt for Lopotev and his lackeys.

Shaftoe accepted Cooper's request, but only on the condition that Razor were doing this for the Chernarussian people and not out of vengeance for Miles.

Shaftoe offers Razor Team the option of standing down.

« This can't be about Miles. You're here for the Chernarussians, not for revenge, understood?

To find Lopotev, they first had to follow the trail of breadcrumbs left during his flight from the capital. For starters, they first met with MCIA liason Captain Carl Dressler and Lieutenant Tomas Marny of the CDF, an intelligence officer who had extensive ties to the local population. While Razor wasn't received warmly by the Lieutenant, he nonetheless agreed to pass over intelligence to the Marines regarding possible sightings of Lopotev throughout the countryside.

Searching each of the locations, Razor continually ran into nothing but dead ends. At one of the locations however, an anti-ChDKZ partisan fighter by the name of Yuri Olegich requested Razor's help; a ChDKZ raid was imminent on his village and his fellow hunters were both outmanned and outgunned. Razor agreed to aid Olegich and fought off the attackers successfully. Immensely grateful for their help, Olegich gave them clues to go search the electrical power plant in Elektrozavodsk, which Lopotev had ties to in his earlier years.

Back at Elektrozavodsk, Razor interrogated the plant's doorkeeper who then reluctantly revealed to the Marines that the ChDKZ regularly travelled to a quarry in Solnichniy, a village located on the far north-eastern coast. Razor made their way to the village and asked its villagers for more clues. Though they found more evidence of ChDKZ war crimes, the quarry itself was deserted and was yet another dead end.

Finally, some good news comes in after Shaftoe relays information that a car - with Mikola Bardak inside, had been spotted at Shakovka by a UAV heading north. While it wasn't Lopotev himself, capturing Bardak would be just as helpful. They had to intercept him quickly before he could escape into the safety of the northern regions.

Bardak is successfully caught by Razor Team.

Razor rushed to intercept Bardak's vehicle and disabled his car's engine, forcing him to disembark from the vehicle and surrender.

They held him at gunpoint and, after brief struggle, neutralised the fugitive with a bullet to the leg. Additional Marines soon arrived onto the scene to bring Bardark into Chernarussian custody.

« Swordsman, this is Razor. We caught Bardak, I say again we caught Bardak. Bastard is ours. Out.

One week later, Razor Team continue to tirelessly search for information regarding Lopotev's whereabouts. With there being little point to continuing the search in the south of the region, Razor Team were instead reassigned to the northern regions. The MEU had established a forward operating base; designated FOB Manhattan, and were actively conducting counterinsurgency operations in the area.

After being dropped off by a VTOL on the outskirts of Manhattan, Razor checked in with Capt. Shaftoe. They were assigned with gathering more intelligence as well as finding the main ChDKZ base hidden somewhere in the area.

Razor Team first retrieved a known ChDKZ supporter back for interrogation at the CDF's hands. Then they attempted to arrest another man named Lev Nikolayev who held information on the insurgents. But they were too late, as Nikolayev's house was demolished (with him inside it) by an unknown assailant who quickly fled from the scene before the Marines could stop him.

Left with no alternative, Razor resumed their search elsewhere. Along the way, Cooper came across two villagers he rescued from Pusta one week earlier. After warmly greeting Cooper, the woman and doctor quietly passed on hints regarding the National Party (NAPA) - an extremist group fiercely opposed to the ChDKZ, who had more information on the whereabouts of insurgent camps. One such man, a local priest named Fyodor, could help them in their hunt for Lopotev.

Fyodor Kovalenko, Gorka's resident priest.

Heading straight to Gorka, Razor found Father Fyodor but were instead given a cold reception by the priest. Fyodor insisted that the Marines leave immediately, as the village's inhabitants could take care of themselves just fine without the Americans snooping around. Suspicious of the priest's behaviour, Cooper rummaged around the church and eventually discovered a small cache of arms.

« Please, you don't understand. You don't live here. You don't know what it's like! NAPA ask us to keep this here for them, just so they can help us. Please. Leave them with us. You see what the Chedaki do to us here? The CDF are not helping us here. You Americans are not helping us here. NAPA are helping us here. You will leave and then what will we do when the Chedaki come? Tell me!
Fyodor pleads with Razor Team to ignore the cache's discovery

Fyodor attempted to placate the Master Sergeant, insisting that NAPA were the only ones who safeguarded innocent Chernarussians from ChDKZ oppression. He desperately pleaded for Cooper to ignore the discovery.

Seeing no reason to foster further ill-will towards the American task force, Cooper agreed to disregard the cache's discovery. He remained adamant that the weapons were to be only used for defensive purposes however, and sternly warned the priest against allowing NAPA to utilise them for their own offensives.

« Sergeant Cooper. You are a good man and the Lord protects good men. You go with His, and my blessings.

Satisfied with Cooper's reply and knowing that the Americans were hunting for intelligence, Fyodor passed on information to the Americans. If they wanted to locate the ChDKZ, they should go talk to four men in the town of Novy Sobor who were secretly members of the partisans.

Razor "interrogate" the four NAPA fighters.

On arrival at the town, Razor spotted the four men standing together at one of the farmhouses. Cooper identified himself and revealed the four's affiliations to NAPA.

« Don't panic, we didn't report the guns nor the cache. That means we've already taken a risk for you. You owe us. Or you know, we could just take you in and seize your weapons after all...
Cooper blackmails the NAPA fighters into divulging information

Caught by surprise, the fighters reluctantly agreed to abide by the Master Sergeant's "requests" and revealed they had marked the location of all the ChDKZ sentry camps. They had wanted to attack them by themselves, but lacked the necessary skills or manpower to do so. Cooper informed them that Razor would handle them and began to leave, but not before warning the four men against attempting to unilaterally attack the ChDKZ.

Thanks to the information provided by the NAPA fighters, Razor Team hunted down and destroyed all of the ChDKZ sentry camps scattered throughout the countryside. Furthermore, they also eliminated several arms smugglers who were supplying the ChDKZ with weapons and equipment.

A few hours later they eventually stumbled into the main base itself, hidden deep within the forests to the north. After receiving the green-light from Shaftoe, Razor assault the base with the support of other Marines. The base and its occupants were easily defeated, allowing Razor to rummage through the rubble to search for intelligence.

During the search, Razor stumbles onto an old "acquaintance" of theirs; former CDF officer Nikola Nikitin, the very same man who had betrayed them in Chernogorsk. Bleeding heavily from his wounds, Nikitin pleaded for mercy from the Marines but was ignored.

Shaftoe relays news of the Moscow bombings.

Cooper simply searched his pockets and found signed operational orders from Lopotev himself. Having succeeded with their mission, Razor began making its way back to FOB Manhattan.

On the way back, Shaftoe passes on bad news to the Marines. A terrorist attack - carried out by NAPA fighters, had occurred in the heart of the Russian Federation's capital of Moscow. Blaming the Americans for allowing terrorism to spread into the region, the Russian government immediately demanded that all Marine forces and their peacekeeping mandate be withdrawn.

« RVR Russian Voice Radio. Over fifty people have been murdered and nearly five hundred injured in the blast that devastated the heart of the capital, Red Square in Moscow today. The death toll is almost certain to rise. The bombing also destroyed part of St. Basil's Cathedral, a spokesperson for the Church, who was uninjured, said this was "an indication that the terrorists who caused the explosion care as little for God or world heritage as they do for human life."

Although the Kremlin is understandably reluctant to accuse any particular group at this stage, the vast body of expert opinion supports the idea that the infamous NAPA terrorist organization is behind the terrible attack. NAPA made the headlines earlier this week in war-torn Chernarus for the torture and murder of Civilians in the North of that troubled country.
Russian Voice Radio reports on the aftermath of the Moscow bombings

Within twenty four hours, the MEU was completely pulled out and only a handful of Marines consisting of Razor Team, Sabre Team and a few others remained at FOB Manhattan. In their place, the Russian military would be assuming the role of "peacekeepers" in Chernarus.

Before heading back to the USS Khe Sanh however, Shaftoe and Dressler assigned one last mission to both fireteams. Sabre were to retrieve a ChDKZ defector named "Spukayev" who apparently held vital information on the Moscow attack, while Razor were to head straight for the man's cottage to collect documents he had left behind. Both teams quickly rushed to their objectives, though Sabre Team returned to Manhattan with Spukayev first.

On the way back with Spukayev's documents, Cooper exchanged banter over the radio with his counterpart in Sabre, Ian Simmons, but was cut-off suddenly when Simmons is "attacked" by unknown assailants. On arrival at Manhattan, Razor were shocked to find the FOB completely destroyed with the members of Sabre lying dead on the ground.

With his dying breath, Simmons warns Razor Team about their Russian hunters.

Fortunately, Simmons had somehow survived and weakly called out to the members of Razor. Just before passing away from his wounds, he told them that their attackers were none other than Russian Spetsnaz, and that a blond-haired man had coldly executed Sabre's members one-by-one; demanding to know where Cooper and the rest of Razor were located by their names.

« They were asking for you! By your damn names. You guys are so fucked!

There was this one really blond guy, Russian for sure. "Are you Razor? Where is Cooper?" He flipped when we wouldn't tell him, just went down the line and knifed us, one, two, three, like that.

There was no time to mourn Simmons' death; a group of NAPA fighters entered the FOB and Razor raised their weapons. The guerillas motioned that they had come in peace, and confirmed Simmons' statements that their attackers were indeed Russian Spetsnaz.

Cooper immediately informed Shaftoe over the radio and asked for further orders. But the pullout still in full effect and American forces regarded as persona non grata on Chernarussian soil, Shaftoe insisted that Cooper disregard the attack and return to the Khe Shan at once, offering to dispatch a helicopter to pick them up.

Razor Team accepts NAPA's offer to smuggle them back to the USS Khe Sanh.

The NAPA fighters cautioned Cooper against such an action, stating that the Russian peacekeepers were on the look for Chernarussian imposters "disguised as U.S. personnel" and had anti-air defences ready to intercept unknown aircraft. Needless to say, Razor had no other options other than to accept the NAPA fighter's offer to smuggle them to the safety of the coast.

But it was already too late. Hours later as darkness fell across the countryside, the Marines were awoken from their slumber by their driver; a Russian checkpoint at the town of Novy Sobor was blocking their way and the guards had spotted the vehicle. Left with no alternative, Razor quickly abandoned the vehicle. The driver urgently told them to head for the castle in the hills to find members of NAPA, who could then help them go incognito.

« Rodriguez: Oh that's just great! They fucking left us!?!?
Sykes: Hey calm down, all we have to do is get to the CDF line. They'll take us in. We can call the Khe Sanh from there.
The members of Razor Team consider their options

With the MEU firmly out of range to contact via radio, the members of Razor debated their next course of action. They could either rendezvous with the CDF and arrange for a transport out of Chernarus, or join up with the NAPA fighters and pray for a long-range radio to contact Shaftoe. While arguing over their options, a Russian helicopter spotted the Marines and began to drop off a team of Spetsnaz operatives.

Cooper called out to the Russians but they immediately responded with lethal force; opening fire on the Americans without a single word. Razor retaliated and after a brief firefight managed to eliminate the Spetsnaz team. It wouldn't be long before more Russians showed up, so they had to act fast. Cooper made the final decision to link up with the CDF instead; in spite of their perceived unreliability, they were the more pragmatic choice given their current circumstances.

Razor sneaked their way across the Chernarussian countryside to get to Zelenogorsk, bypassing numerous Russian patrols and helicopters flying overhead everywhere. After a few more hours of avoiding detection from the Russians, Razor were suddenly intercepted by a team of CDF soldiers. The Chernarussians quickly brought Razor back to the command centre on the outskirts of the city to meet with General Begunov and Major R.A. Stavovich, who told the Marines that Shaftoe was actually waiting for them via satellite phone.

Despite having their movements monitored by the Russian military, the CDF - with the covert backing of the United States, were planning to conduct a region-wide offensive aimed at retaking the territory they were forced to hand over to the ChDKZ following the Russian intervention. Shaftoe was granted the authority to retask Razor with the job of ensuring the CDF's success; which meant they had to stay undercover for a little while more.

The CDF's offensive begins.

« Cooper: Well, uh... Well guys, you heard, what do think?
Rodriguez: Shit, I thought it was gonna take me years to get into Special Ops like this, are you kidding?
O'Hara: Jesus guys... Ah hell, what choice have we got? I'm in.
Razor Team go undercover with Shaftoe's approval

The next day, Razor led a small force of CDF troops with the goal of retaking the towns of Pogorevka, Star Sobor and Novy Sobor. After liberating Novy Sobor from the ChDKZ, they encountered the four NAPA fighters they had met days earlier, now grievously wounded and sporting obvious signs of torture.

They told Cooper that a blond-haired Russian was responsible for their injuries, and that the man had intended to execute them all just before Razor Team's forces had arrived.

The four NAPA fighters confirm the identity of Razor Team's Spetsnaz hunters.

With the Russians now confirmed as the real culprits behind Sabre Team's loss and FOB Manhattan's destruction, they could pass on this vital information back to Shaftoe. However, a more pressing concern at the moment remained: NAPA.

Cooper suggested to their liaisons in the CDF that they ought to arrange an alliance with the partisans, seeing as how they were essentially fighting the same enemy and were therefore on the same side. But NAPA's shadowy leader, known only by the name of "Prizrak", refused to honour an alliance with the government, while the CDF's leaders were also reluctant to side with an extremist group responsible for terrorist attacks against Russia.

Razor needed to find a way to absolve NAPA of blame for the bombing while simultaneously "dealing" with Prizrak himself.

« That's not a suggestion to throw around lightly Sergeant Cooper. But it has been considered.

Lt. Marny offered the opportunity to them. He knew that internally, NAPA was divided between Prizrak's hardline supporters (who were fewer in number) and moderates in favour of an alliance. Cooper "suggested" that assassinating Prizrak would be in their best interests. After confirming that Razor was willing to go through with the assassination, Marny arranged a meeting for the Americans with a representative from the moderates.

Razor Team confront Prizrak at the lumber mill.

The fighter gave the Marines the location of Prizrak, and Razor immediately made their way to Prizrak's location. To their shock, they only find Father Fyodor from Gorka standing there. Seemingly waiting for the Marines, Razor come to realisation that Fyodor was Prizrak.

Prizrak justified his reasons for rejecting the alliance with the CDF, stating that his only mission in life was cleansing Chernarus of Russian influence - which meant anyone deemed pro-Russian, whether they be citizens of Russian descent or ChDKZ supporters, were viable targets.

« Bah! This is not the west Sergeant Cooper! Things are different here, real, complicated. You see things too simply. I am the one who is saving this country! I provide spiritual and military strength! I am a leader! A symbol of Chernarussian resistance! I am Chernarus! And now you want to destroy it?
Prizrak's twisted mentality

Realising Prizrak was nothing more than a genocidal sociopath, the two sides failed to come to an agreement. Prizrak motioned to leave, stating that the Marines would have to either murder an unarmed man or allow him to walk away. Cooper made the hard choice and opted to shoot Prizrak. With the deed done and the moderates in control of NAPA, the Marines resumed their offensive to retake the other towns in the area.

Now with Prizrak out of the way, a formal alliance between the CDF and NAPA had begun. But the greater task of retaking the entire province remained. The next day, Razor Team gathered at the allied forces main rallying point on the outskirts of Zelenogorsk. The offensive was due to commence, but Stavovich informed the Marines that the 27th MEU was planning to return to Chernarus.

Thanks to all the evidence gathered by Razor Team over the past few weeks of ChDKZ war crimes, U.S. representatives were able to sway the votes in the UN Security Council to approve the re-deployment of American troops.

Razor Team discuss their options in preparation for the region-wide offensive.

« Sykes: What's the word, Coops? We done here or what?
Cooper: Uh, not exactly... We're pretty fucking far from done actually. USEUCOM are real happy with the CDF gains around Sobor-
Rodriguez: You mean OUR gains.
Cooper: -so pleased in fact that our command is being extended. We gotta see Major Begunov, let's go.
Rodriguez: Man I knew we were trying too hard...
Razor Team's "deployment" is extended by Shaftoe

First they had to help seize the other towns in South Zagoria before securing Chernogorsk for the MEU's arrival. With the help of their NAPA allies and Razor Team's leadership, allied forces were able to slowly push back the ChDKZ. During the liberation of Mogilevka, a ChDKZ defector was willing to offer information to the CDF in exchange for his amnesty. He revealed that Lopotev was actually hiding at a secret outpost hidden on Skalisty Island just off the coast of the region's south-east.

Razor infiltrated the island and realised they had indeed hit the jackpot; it was heavily-protected by insurgents and a radio tower was spotted there as well. Better yet, Lopotev himself was found there. After eliminating all of his bodyguards, Lopotev was captured by Razor Team.

Despite his capture, Stavovich notified the Americans that the Russian government was willing to negotiate with the CDF. In exchange for Lopotev's hand over, they would leave the country and unmark NAPA as a terrorist organisation. Their meeting point was at a Russian checkpoint south of the Vybor airbase.

Lopotev is handed over to the Russians.

Razor escorted Lopotev to the exchange and handed over Lopotev to the Russian General. Suddenly, the meeting is interrupted by a hail of gunfire and explosions. Spetsnaz operatives ambushed the site and cut down the General's guards. Meanwhile, Razor Team took cover and returned fire on their assailants. After a brief but fierce firefight, all of their attackers were confirmed dead. Searching their corpses, they realised that the Spetsnaz team leader was none other than "Karelin", the operative who had been hunting them this entire time.

Lopotev, who had been dragged back to the safety of Russian lines by Shagarov in the chaos, later revealed that Karelin and the ChDKZ had conspired together to frame NAPA for the Moscow bombings. Furthermore, Karelin was the sole instigator of the entire crisis, having supported the insurgents from the sidelines the entire time. Completely absolved of any involvement in the terrorist attacks, the Russian peacekeeping mandate was revoked and allied forces were free to destroy the ChDKZ once and for all.

After seizing Chernogorsk, the 27th MEU were free to land ashore and with the help of the Americans, allied forces were able to retake the entire region. With the loss of their leader, the disoriented insurgents were simply no match for the combined might of allied troops. The main ChDKZ base at Msta was eventually discovered and destroyed hours later.

Razor Team are returned to the USS Khe Sanh at long last...

« Shaftoe: Well, how does it feel to be going home?
Cooper: Captain, you have absolutely no idea.
Rodriguez: How's this for an idea: Bring on the ticker tape! Bring on the babes! Bring on the fast food man! I haven't had a decent cheeseburger in a month!
O'Hara: Robo, for once we agree entirely...
Razor Team are debriefed by Shaftoe

Having achieved a total victory over their enemies and relative peace restored to the wartorn region, Razor were finally extracted via helicopter and brought back to the USS Khe Sanh. Shaftoe debriefed the Marines, stating that while the truth behind their involvement would never be public knowledge, Razor's efforts had saved an entire nation and its people.

As for Razor Team, all they really cared about at this point was some much deserved rest and perhaps, a shower...


First To Fight (8th October, 2009)

« Aboard USS Khe Sanh »

Deploying from the 27th MEU's amphibious assault ship - the USS Khe Sanh, USMC Force Reconnaissance fireteam callsign Razor Team are flown in the early hours of the morning to hit a nearby ChDKZ communications outpost at the village of Pusta.

Into The Storm (9th October, 2009)

« The invasion has commenced... »

Razor Team quietly clear the village of Pusta and free several civilians being held prisoner by the ChDKZ. They destroy the outpost with explosives and also discover a mass grave in the forest nearby. They are soon ordered to mark several high value targets for artillery strikes further west. As the sun begins to rise over the country, the 27th MEU carries out its invasion all along the southern coast. Razor Team have been ordered to regroup at the regional capital of Chernogorsk.

Harvest Red (9th October, 2009)

« Razor team joins the battle of Chernogorsk »

Razor Team are ordered to assist CDF/USMC forces in retaking Chernogorsk. During the battle, they are retasked with breaching a warehouse where several ChDKZ officers - including the leader Gregori Lopotev and his second-in-command Mikola Bardak, were located. Razor Team succeed in capturing Lopotev and Bardak, but are betrayed when a CDF officer double crosses them and frees Lopotev. Razor Team's leader, Patrick Miles, is killed and Lopotev escapes into hiding.

Razor Two (9th October, 2009)

« Later that day, on the outskirts of Chernogorsk »

In spite of the loss of their team leader, the rest of Razor Team vow to remain in the country to hunt down Lopotev and his senior officers. After following several bad leads throughout the southern region, they finally track down Bardak's location while the latter was attempting to flee further north. Bardak is eventually captured by Razor Team and is brought back into CDF custody.

Manhattan (16th October, 2009)

« On the way to FOB Manhattan »

One week after Bardak's capture, Razor Team have been reassigned to FOB Manhattan deeper in the region's northern areas as part of the 27th MEU's counterinsurgency offensive. Early on, they meet with a local priest in Gorka named Fyodor, who was hiding several weapons caches belonging to NAPA guerillas. Razor Team agree to overlook his contraband, and resume their search for ChDKZ camps. They helped to gather vital evidence on ChDKZ war crimes, eliminated weapons smugglers, destroyed several insurgent outposts, and also discovered the main ChDKZ base in the region along with the double agent who betrayed them.

Bitter Chill (17th October, 2009)

« The following day, FOB Manhattan »

The 27th MEU has been forced to withdraw from Chernarus while Russian troops replace them as peacekeepers in the region. However, both Sabre Team and Razor Team are ordered to complete one final mission before they depart as well. On the way back from their tasking, Razor Team return to FOB Manhattan only to find it in ruins and the members of Sabre Team dead; apparently having died at the hands of a Russian Spetsnaz team. Declared persona non grata by the new Russian peacekeepers, Razor Team are forced to go into hiding. They eventually regroup with CDF forces near Zelenogorsk, and are assigned by Capt. Shaftoe to continue supporting the CDF covertly.

Badlands (18th October, 2009)

« Preparing for action in central Chernarus... »

Razor Team lead a small strike force of CDF troops to retake several towns in the region's north, beginning with the towns of Pogorevka and Pushtoshka. While attempting to take Stary Sobor and Novy Sobor further north, they are contacted by a splinter faction of NAPA guerillas seeking to align themselves with the CDF. In order for their alliance to follow through however, Razor Team agree to assassinate NAPA's current leader, Prizrak, who turned out to be the alter ego of Father Fyodor from Gorka. Prizrak is killed, and an official alliance between the CDF and NAPA comes to fruition. They also discover and confirm the identity of the rogue Russian Spetsnaz responsible for the attack on FOB Manhattan - a blond man named "Karelin".

Dogs of War (19th October, 2009)

« Back in Zelenogorsk »

With the help of the NAPA guerillas, the CDF and Razor Team commence their planned region-wide offensive to retake South Zagoria from the ChDKZ while remaining wary of the Russians, who silently watch their progress. After seizing the village of Mogilevka, allied forces receive intel on the location of a hidden ChDKZ outpost located on Skalisty Island in the region's south-east. Razor Team infiltrate the island and discover Lopotev, who is subsequently captured by Razor Team and is brought back to be handed over to the Russians in a secret deal. Karelin's rogue Spetsnaz team attempts to rescue Lopotev, but are killed in the ensuing firefight.

War That Never Was (22nd October, 2009)

« Returning to the Khe Sanh at last... »

Despite the chaos with Lopotev's handover, Russian forces have agreed to leave the country. The ChDKZ have been largely defeated with only scattered cells remaining throughout South Zagoria. Completely victorious, Razor Team return to the USS Khe Sanh at last for one final debriefing, celebrations and hopefully, a shower.


  • Operation Harvest Red is the first official campaign in the series to feature an optional online/LAN co-operative mode where each player can choose to assume the role of either Cooper, Sykes, Rodriguez or O'Hara.
    • In single player these characters can be swapped to-and-forth via the Team Switch function instead, though it is not possible in all missions of the campaign (i.e. Badlands and Dogs of War).
  • It is the first campaign in ArmA 2 to feature multiple endings.
    • Depending on how many pieces of evidence gathered by the player(s) and what story options they chose throughout the entire campaign, the ending they attain can range from good outcomes to bad endings where Razor Team are either killed in action, or the country falls into further chaos.
    • The true ending of the campaign is always War That Never Was. The other (non-canon) endings are:
      • If Lopotev was captured (or killed) but the main CDF/NAPA base is destroyed by the ChDKZ, then the Setting Sail ending will be obtained.
      • Missing In Action is one of the two bad endings, and occurs if Lopotev is not captured and the CDF/NAPA main base is destroyed.
      • Revelation is the other bad ending and is the worst possible outcome. This ending will be chosen if the player(s) decided to attack the Russians and somehow destroyed the entire base without the CDF/NAPA being annihilated in the process.
        • Incidentally, the setting for Revelation takes place concurrently with the official, non-canon Eagle Wing campaign that was added with the release of Patch 1.05.
      • Newborn Republic is the last achievable ending, and will differ depending on whether the player completed the campaign while aligned with either the CDF or NAPA but they did not assassinate Prizrak in Badlands.
    • Though it can be considered to be more of a non-standard game over rather than a proper ending, there is also one alternate outcome in Razor Two. If the player(s) opt to accept Capt. Shaftoe's offer for Razor Team to be withdrawn from Chernarus, the story can "end" at that point in the campaign.
    • Operation Harvest Red is the first and only campaign following ArmA 2's release to feature mandatory, free roaming missions in the form of Razor Two and Manhattan.
      • This style of gameplay was originally intended to make a comeback in early iterations of ArmA 3's The East Wind campaign, but was ultimately scrapped in favour of the linear structure used for the final version.
      • It does however, return in the form of scouting missions which are structured in a similar style but are completely optional to do, and will not affect the outcome of the endings in any way.


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