« Recently acquired intel sends Group 15 on a mission to kill or capture Warlock.
Mission Description

Heart of Darkness is the fourth mission of ArmA 3's Apex Protocol campaign.


The players control four operatives from CTRG's Group 15. The location of Syndikat's notorious warlord, Solomon Maru, has been obtained thanks to Blue Cap's intel. He is due to hold a meeting with his senior lieutenants at the village of Namuvaka. If Group 15 strike now, they can capture or kill Maru and put a swift end to the insurgency.

Recommended team composition:

  • 2× Sharpshooter, 1× Grenadier, 1× Paramedic
  • (Optional) 1× Sharpshooter, 1× Grenadier, 2× Paramedic
  • (Optional) 2× Sharpshooter, 2× Autorifleman

If your team is coordinated enough, one Paramedic will suffice for this mission. Having two however, will spare you a lot of headaches in the second half of the mission if you aren't as skilled - especially if playing with limited or no respawn tickets enabled.

However, if all four players are skilled enough to avoid getting hit in the first place, you can risk it with no Paramedics while the rest remain as Sharpshooters, Autoriflemen or Grenadiers.



  • (1) Capture Warlock
  • (2) Defend Yourself
  • (3) Extract




  • If enabled, the team must not run out of respawn tickets


Primary 1: Capture Warlock

Head north in the direction of the village. About 250 metres away from the safehouse, you will see a lone Syndikat fighter standing guard on the village's outer perimeter.

You can choose to either kill him or bypass his position. If you're aiming to get the stealth achievement, you need to ensure that he doesn't spot you or your teammates. The easiest way of bypassing him and the other guards entirely is to sneak around on the western side of the village, doing a wide U-shaped turn to get within range of the safehouse. Wait for the patrol to walk past the entrance before making a dash inside.

Otherwise, move forward slowly and clear out each patrol walking around the village. If a corpse or any one of the players are spotted, the village's remaining guards will be alerted with a red flare being launched into the sky. Don't forget that you have suppressors fitted to your weapons which render you almost invisible to the AI - so as long as you do not fire in rapid succession.

Regardless, once you get inside the marked house you'll discover Blue Cap's corpse and Maru himself nowhere in sight.

Primary 2: Defend Yourself

After the cutscene, both Raider teams will be ambushed by an unknown hostile force and the house will be completely surrounded. Go prone immediately and stay away from the windows.

Red: Enemy operatives
Blue: Your team's position

Keep in mind that their uniforms are thermally-masked like yours, so do not utilise your ENVG-II's thermal vision mode and stick to night vision only or else you won't be able to see them. Fortunately, the attackers have conveniently activated their laser pointers and their infrared beams can be seen clearly in night vision.

Assuming you have a full team of players, you will be pitted against a total of twelve enemies. They are split into snipers who will constantly fire .50 cal rounds in your team's direction, while the other half will move in to breach any houses you may be hiding in. Be aware that this does not include the Syndikat fighters that you may or may not have eliminated before entering the house, so be careful of any stragglers running around.

The enemy snipers will always randomly cycle between each player every 7-15 seconds and fire (imprecisely) in their direction. Their primary weapon's underbarrel rifle can pierce the building's thin walls and instantly incapacitate the targeted player (or outright kill), though they won't score a direct hit unless you are visually spotted. To avoid getting struck, do not stay in any one position for too long. Alternately, you can wait for the attacking operatives to get closer before dealing with the snipers.

No matter your approach, once all the targets have been eliminated this objective will be completed.

Primary 3: Extract

You need to rendezvous with Raider 1 for extraction. Syndikat are aware of CTRG's presence and are rapidly closing in to cut off your escape route.

Head north-west on foot. You will run up against a squad's worth of insurgents who will arrive in a truck and another in an armed Offroad. Take it slowly and make good use of the trees for cover. Don't sprint excessively and wait for everyone to catch up after each fight.

Once you arrive at the extraction point, mount up aboard Raider 1's truck. Another cutscene will play and the mission will be over shortly.


  • Arma3-achievement-nonethewiser.png
    None The Wiser
    • A hidden achievement, it will be granted to all players if they manage to reach Blue Cap's location without alerting any of the Syndikat fighters.
    • To obtain the achievement, it isn't necessary to eliminate the insurgents guarding the village. Getting inside the house without triggering an alert is sufficient to unlock it.
    • If you spot a red flare being fired into the sky before getting to Blue Cap's location then it means your team was detected and therefore failed the unlock conditions.

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