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« Give them hell! For Altis - and the Free Republic!
Hektor Anastas

Hektor Anastas is a supporting character in ArmA 3's Beyond Hope mini-campaign.


A senior commander of the Altian government Loyalists, Hektor was once a member of the Republic's armed forces prior to his defection. He went by the radio callsign of Olympos.

Hektor fiercely opposed the bloody coup launched by another member of the armed forces, Colonel Georgious Akhanteros, in the aftermath of the 2026 Kavala Coup.

He was not alone in his sentiments. Hundreds of pro-civilian leadership AAF officers and enlisted men also thought alike and soon muntined to form the Loyalists.

Hektor joined the budding organisation and became recognised as one of its most skilled commanders in the fight against Akhanteros' illegitimate regime.

Beyond Hope (2026)

Full-scale civil war has broken out across the entire island, with villages, towns and cities now prime territory up for grabs between the Loyalists and Akhanteros' AAF.

By early May 2026, Hektor's band of Loyalists were now based in the western regions of Altis. Established near the town of Agios Dionysios, Hektor coordinated all operations out of a small command post just on its outskirts, always on alert for any attempted sneak attacks by the AAF.

Seeking to prevent a humanitarian disaster, a temporary six-day ceasefire had been negotiated by the international community on the behalf of both sides. As per the agreement, both sides would cease attacking the other in order to allow for aid shipments to get through to civilians trapped in-between; effective immediately on the 11th.

Hektor knew full well that the AAF were taking advantage of the lull in the fighting to manoeuvre their own troops into position for another offensive. He readied his men to stay alert for any potential sneak attacks and sent out patrols to monitor the AAF's movements.

« I'd say they've already made a play for Orino - effectively putting our forces on the back foot. The town's half-empty and could have fallen without anybody knowing about it. Truth is, we can't risk waiting, we must take the initiative!
Hektor briefing his men prior to the Battle for Orino

His assumption was proven to be correct after a scouting party, callsigned Spartan, failed to check in on what was supposed to be a routine patrol near the town of Orino. The ceasefire had not even lasted beyond twenty four hours.

Hektor ordered his troops to brace for potential hostilities and planned for an assault to seize the town. He dispatched his three best men; Kael Mavros (leader of a recon unit, callsigned Chimera), Rouvin Carras (Hoplite) and Loukas Thanos (Centaur), to lead the battle on the ground. Mavros would scout ahead of the anticipated offensive, while Carras and Thanos would rally their own men and await for his signal. Furthermore, United Kingdom Special Forces operative Sergeant James, would be standing by to provide fire support in the form of artillery rockets, and to help extract any wounded survivors from Spartan - if there were any.

Mavros confirmed that Spartan's men had indeed been attacked by the AAF but managed to find one heavily-wounded Loyalist lying on the ground. After Mavros finished treating the man's wounds and relocated to safety, Hektor then ordered him to hunt down an enemy mortar battery located nearby. Meanwhile, Carras and Thanos were given the green light to spearhead their assault on Orino.

Shortly after, Mavros relayed that the mortar gunner had been successfully eliminated. However, Hektor warned him of a potential AAF quick reaction force inbound on his position, and advised Mavros to brace for a counterattack. Elsewhere, the attack on Orino was continuing to fare well in spite of the AAF's greater numbers, and the majority of the defenders were eliminated by the Loyalists. Mavros later reported back further good news that some of Spartan's men had survived the ambush and had just been freed by his troops.

« It is imperative the enemy do not re-take Orino! Crush their resolve and prevent any counterattack.

However, the remaining AAF defenders had managed to fire a flare into the sky - a sure signal that more reinforcements were inbound towards their position. As Loyalist troops wrested control of Orino from the last of their enemies, they quickly dug in and fortified the town as best they could.

Not long after, a mechanised AAF unit arrives in the town and opens fire on the entrenched Loyalists. Fortunately, they proved to be no match for his subordinates and were completely decimated. For now, Orino would firmly remain under Loyalist control.

The next morning, Hektor and his troops had relocated to the outskirts of Galati. A convoy carrying vital humanitarian aid supplies had been intercepted at an AAF-held checkpoint leading into the mountain valley pass. They were deliberately being prevented from passing on through to Abdera, a pro-Loyalist mountain village to its north.

Hoplite's men would be assaulting on foot while Sgt. James' snipers would cover the road from afar. To the north, callsign Medusa would be left in charge with taking over the AAF's outpost. Lastly, Centaur's ground vehicles and anti-tank troops would be tasked with helping to repel any armoured counterattacks.

« Mavros: Fuck you. I'll sleep when I'm dead.
Hektor: Okay...better see if anyone will let you tag along then.
Mavros refuses to stand down, leaving Hektor no choice but to accede to his demands

Aware that Mavros had not gotten a chance to sleep for more than twenty four hours, Hektor refrained from assigning him a task and ordered him to stand down and recuperate. Mavros abjectly refused, leaving Mavros no choice other than to give him the option of joining either Sgt. James' team, Hoplite or Centaur.

Once all units were assembled and ready to attack, Hektor ordered the Loyalists to commence the assault. James' sniper team eliminated the checkpoint's guards and crippled any vehicles attempting to reinforce the checkpoint with explosives. Meanwhile, Hoplite's troops pushed in and liberated the convoy from its captors, followed by Medusa's fighters securing the outpost to its north.

« Thanos: Yeah! I don't think these fuckers knew what hit them. Something tells me they'll wanna reinstate that ceasefire now, over.
Hektor: Copy that, Centaur. Try and contain yourself...
The checkpoint falls to Hektor's men

With the checkpoint now under Loyalist control, Galati itself was next on their list of priorities. Hektor's men proceeded straight into the heart of the town, blitzing past its scattered and disoriented defenders. When the AAF's tanks attempted to reinforce the defenders, they were intercepted by Centaur's vehicles and stopped (literally) in their tracks.


Under his leadership, the combined efforts of Hoplite, Centaur and Medusa - supported by Sgt. James' team - resulted in the Battle of Galati becoming a total victory for the Loyalists. Two accomplishments had been achieved in the span of less than twenty four hours, an impressive feat which would inspire countless more victories for the Loyalists in the days and weeks to come.

« Excellent work, Falcon. Both Galati and the humanitarian aid are in our hands. This changes everything, out.

Unfortunately, Hektor's gains at Orino and Galati merely marked the start of what would become a drawn-out war of attrition that would last a total of four more years. As the fighting dragged on, the Loyalists suffered greatly from a manpower shortage while Akhanteros' AAF, bolstered by seemingly endless amounts of financial and military aid from its foreign donors, gnawed away at the Loyalists' power base.

It is ultimately left unclear as to what becomes of Hektor or the rest of his subordinates following the signing of the Jerusalem Cease Fire agreement of 2030.

Personality and Appearance

A middle-aged Altian male, Hektor had a balding head of hair and an unshaven beard; both frosted with patches of grey. Hektor preferred to keep his old officer uniform from his days as a serviceman within the AAF, along with a pair of brown-coloured pants and a shemagh wrapped around his neck. For personal protection, he opted to don a lightweight tactical vest but only wore a baseball cap with headphones for headwear.

« Rearm and regroup - we mustn't lose momentum. Out.

Idealistic and prone to pompous speeches, Hektor was nonetheless a hardened commander who led his troops with firm conviction. He did not however, micromanage his subordinates and preferred to leave them to act on their own initiatives. In the case of some elite soldiers like Mavros, they were given free reign over their tactics - provided their actions were beneficial to the Loyalist cause.

Hektor also paid close attention to the well-being of his men, remaining careful to not overexert them unless it was absolutely necessary to do so.


  • Thus far, Hektor is the only known member of the Loyalist chain of command who is specifically named and has his identity shown (Mavros and the other officers operating under his lead are merely subordinates).


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