« Just one more contract... one more contract is all I need.
Henry Asano

Henry Asano is a main character in ArmA 2's Operation Black Gauntlet campaign.


Born in Los Angeles in 1987, Asano enlisted with the U.S. Army at the age of 17 in 2004.

He was eventually promoted several times, and also became an Army Ranger as part of the U.S. Army's 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment where he specialised as a designated marksman.

After two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, he decided that he needed a career change other than continued service with the Army.

Asano realised that he couldn't commit to another long term tour and, hoping to build his own home in California, was discharged from the Army in 2012 after eight consecutive years of service.

Seeing an opportunity to utilise his prior military service to make quick money, he joined up with the ION Services private military company and was soon deployed to the wartorn nation of Takistan.

It was here in Team Sword that he would eventually meet with fellow team member Brian Frost; the two quickly bonding and becoming good friends after a short period of working alongside each other.

Personality and Appearance

An Asian-American in his mid-twenties, Asano wears the attire of an ION defensive marksman; consisting of a slate grey sleeveless shirt, dark mud brown pants and a black IOTV body armor vest. In addition, he also sports a ComTac headset for communications and hearing protection as well.

Young and relatively inexperienced compared to the battle-hardened Frost, Asano leans heavily on his superior for advice and leadership. But unlike with Frost, Asano isn't affected by emotional traumas and maintains a better grip on his situation. He is able to question the morality of his orders and will openly voice his opinions.

« Asano: Poet.. man... are we doing the right thing? Does this feel right to you? We can still stop this, if we want. We still have control; we can fight the good fight.
Frost: And just what is that huh? Tearing the world's economies apart? Killing investigators? It's all fucked, mate.
Asano: Look, man, I'm a not goddamn economist - I don't know what the hell's going on. All I know is, I trust Reynolds.
An uncertain Asano questions Frost over a moral crisis

In spite of this however, Asano is quite naive due to his lack of vision and greed, and tends to go along with anyone regardless of his personal opinions on the matter. So as long as he's presented with a paycheck at the end of it, Asano will follow through with any plan; even if they're for less-than-ethical reasons.


  • He is nicknamed as "Ry-man" or simply "Ry" by Frost.
  • The origin of Asano's surname would imply that he is Japanese. This would make him the first officially named Japanese descent character in the entire series.
  • Asano appears in Take On Helicopters, though he never speaks. After a training exercise, Frost ordered Larkin to blast nearby Asano with a rotor-wash, much to Larkin's disagreement. Apparently it was because Asano made the same thing happen to Frost.


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