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Holosights are a type of non-magnifying weapon sights featured in both ArmA 2 and ArmA 3.

ArmA 2[]

The Holosight is used by several BLUFOR and INDFOR factions in ArmA 2.


Weapons fitted with a Holosight were usually suffixed with as Holo or HWS at the end of their display name to signify that they are fitted with holographic sights.

It is available on the following platforms:

  • G36C carbine (5.56 mm)
  • L85A2 bullpup assault rifle (5.56 mm)
  • M4A1 carbine (5.56 mm)
  • MG36 light support weapon (5.56 mm)
  • Mk16 assault rifle (5.56 mm)
  • Mk17 battle rifle (7.62 mm)
  • XM8 CQC assault rifle (5.56 mm)
  • XM8 Compact carbine (5.56 mm)

All holosight variants use a simple red-tinted 2-Dot Ring reticle. In contrast to other close combat sights like the CCO or Russian-made Kobra, Holosights are zeroed specifically for short-range firefights.

However, their usefulness typically falls off rapidly for long-ranged engagements at distances of 200 metres and beyond. The reticle markers do not provide much (if any) assistance in estimating ranges at those distances.


Standard model.

Fitted on M4A1s and G36s.

Alternate variant.

Mounted on XM8s, Mk16s, Mk17s and L85A2s.


  • Black: Matte black paint finish. Only used by USMC holosights.
  • Grey: Dull grey paint finish. Exclusive to ION PMC holosights.
  • Tan: Desert tan paint finish. Used by both U.S. Army and British Army holosights.
  • Desert: Two-tone desert camouflage spraypaint scheme. Used only by KSK holosights.
  • Woodland: Two-tone woodland camouflage spraypaint scheme. Exclusively used by USMC Force Recon holosights.


  • Holosights in ArmA 2 and its DLCs are based on two derivatives of holographic weapon sights designed by EOTech. The "Model 551" is utilised on M4A1s/G36s while the "Model 552" is fitted onto the L85/XM8/SCAR rifles.
  • The latest Steam version patches (as part of CorePatch) slightly changed the views on M4A1 carbines fitted with Variant 1 holosights.[1]


ArmA 3[]

The Mk17 Holosight is used by several BLUFOR, REDFOR and INDFOR factions in ArmA 3.


With the implementation of the dynamic weapon attachment system in ArmA 3, Holosights are no longer "fixed" attachments on weapons. They can be freely removed or attached onto any weapon featuring a compatible top rail.

It is commonly attached to carbines and assault rifles, serving as an alternative to the ACO. The standard Mk17 Holosight has a fixed zeroing of 200 m and uses a red-tinted 2-Dot ring reticle.

A dedicated SMG variant is also available for mounting on submachine guns as well, though these models use cross-dot reticles with a fixed zeroing of 100 m instead.


Standard variant.

It uses a red 2-Dot ring reticle.

Close quarters combat variant.

Unlike the standard variant, it uses a red cross-dot reticle.


  • Khaki: Light khaki green paint finish.
  • Sand: Desert sand paint finish.
  • Black: Matte black finish.
  • Arid: Desert camouflage pattern.
  • Lush: Woodland camouflage pattern.


  • The Holosight in ArmA 3 is based on the real-world "Model EXPS3" holographic weapon sight manufactured by EOTech.
  • The Mk17 was initially only available in a Sand finish. The Black and Khaki varieties were not included until the release of the Apex expansion.[2]



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