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The Horizon Islands is a country located in the South Pacific.


French annexation

With the arrival of French colonists at the height of the colonial era, the Tanoan archipelago became an official territory of France. For the next two centuries, Tanoa would remain as a foreign protectorate of France until its independence.


Tanoa was eventually granted its independence from France and was now officially renamed as the Horizon Islands. Simultaneously, the fledgling nation became recognised as a member of the United Nations.

South Pacific Disaster

Main article: Apex Protocol

Taking advantage of the chaos, the SPD results in a surge of criminal activity throughout the Tanoa Province (2035)

In late 2035, the country was struck by a series of massive tsunamis that devastated much of the country, with the Tanoa province being particularly hard hit. At the same time, an organised band of insurgents, calling themselves the "Syndikat", were overwhelming security forces and seized large swathes of the province from government control.

Both Eastern and Western countries offered to provide humanitarian support. The government preferred working with the West, and agreed to carry out joint operations with U.S.-led NATO forces as part of the "Safe Horizon" exercises.

NATO intelligence sources eventually uncovered a conspiracy involving CSAT special operations supporting the Syndikat. The conspiracy, known as the "Apex Protocol", involved CSAT forces sabotaging vital infrastructure and funnelling arms and equipment to the insurgents.

The revelations sent shockwaves throughout the international community, and the Horizon Islands government actively denounced the Eastern coalition for its role in the insurgent group's rise.

Super-strain malaria outbreak

The Horizon Islands enters a turbulent phase of history (2038)

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In mid 2038, a super-strain of malaria hit the Tanoa province and caused hundreds of deaths within a matter of days. Non-Government Organisations assisted in the crisis, but were unable to treat the seemingly uncurable super-strain.

By now, a dramatic shift in the leadership of the Horizon Islands government has led to a diplomatic switch towards the East taking place. Despite the "Apex Protocol" revelations, a pro-CSAT political party named "Nouveaux Horizons" has achieved victory in recent elections and assumed control.

Former president Benjamin Hope has retired from politics, and pro-West parties have been pushed out of power and drained of political influence. NATO troops have also been forced to depart from the country in order to make way for the arrival of Chinese-led CSAT forces.

CSAT doctors and an influx of humanitarian aid were similarly welcomed by the new government. Within days, treatments provided by the doctors prove to be successful in halting the diseases' spread, leading to a further expansion to their (heavily militarised) presence.


Administrative divisions of the Horizon Islands.

The Horizon Islands consists of archipelagos divided up into four main "divisions": the Northern, Central, Eastern, and Southern regions. The capital city of the nation, La Roche, is located in the country's Central division.

The landscape of country's islands consist mostly of dense jungles and lush tropical flora surrounded by steep mountainous cliffs.

Its geoposition coordinates are located between 17° 41' 52.8" north and 178° 46' 58.8" east.

Northern Division

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Satellite map with the five main islands labelled

The Tanoa Province is located in the nation's Northern division. It comprises of five regions: Tanoa, Îles de Lijn, Balavu, Tanoa Nord, and Tuvanaka.

Combined, the province's landmasses covers a total of 100 square kilometres:


Tanoa is the central island where the Northern division's capital of Georgetown is located. It is the most densely populated out of the five islands, and also serves as the economic hub of the nation.

Besides the capital, other notable locations include the main international airport (Aéroport de Tanoa) in the south, the Blue Pearl Industrial Port in the north-east, the Red Spring Surface Mine, as well as the (inactive) Mont Tanoa volcano located directly in the centre of the island.

A road bridge connects Tanoa to the smaller island of Moddergat to the south-east.


The second largest (though more sparsely populated) island in the archipelago, Moddergat is linked to the Tanoan mainland via the aforementioned road bridge. Most citizens reside in the town of Lijnhaven, which serves as the island's biggest settlement.


The third most-populated island, Balavu has three smaller ports for cargo shipping and domestic ferries. Many citizens reside in the villages and towns scattered throughout the island, with a road bridge connecting Balavu to Katkoula island to the south-east.


Located directly south-east of Balavu, Katkoula is the fourth island in the archipelago. Unlike Balavu, most of its residents reside in the larger towns rather than in the smaller villages.


The smallest and least populated of the five islands, Tuvanaka mostly serves as a giant military base with only two towns, Belfort, and Tuvanaka being inhabited by civilians prior to 2038. As of recent, the entire island has been designated as a military exclusion zone and is as such no longer accessible to non-military personnel.

Tuvanaka is the only island in the archipelago that does not have a bridge connecting it to any other landmass.

Eastern Division

The provincial capital of the Eastern division is Richranga. It consists of four distinct regions: Raraba, Batiri, Nunuvaka, and Muduo.

Southern Division

The provincial capital of the Southern division is Waigarei. The division has a total of five regions: Yanaraka, Dravu, Tagicabuto, Baka, and Vakacagau.

Central Division

The capital city of the nation, La Roche, lies in the Central division. There are ten regions: La Roche, Utokeba, Saramea, Le Groenland, Turaga, Marama, Tinatoba, Dra, Nuitaka Vou, and Volekakuro.


The climate in the Horizon Islands is tropical marine and warm all-year round, with particularly hot and humid summers. Rainfall is variable, though the archipelago typically experiences heavy thunderstorms on a regular basis.


The Horizon Islands uses a presidential republic framework for its government.

At least one political party is known to exist; Nouveaux Horizons, a pro-CSAT group. Another, named the L'Ensemble, is an unofficial movement that began to gain traction and support with the populace following the government's latest, deeply unpopular diplomatic switch towards the East.

In 2035, the office of president was chaired by Benjamin Hope. As of 2038 however, he was succeeded following his retirement.

Armed forces and law enforcement


Main article: Gendarmerie

The Horizon Islands does not maintain a standing army.

All domestic affairs and regional security is handled by the Gendarmerie, which serves as the country's paramilitary and law enforcement agency.


The Horizon Islands government formerly maintained friendly relations with the United States and its NATO partners in the region. Prior to and during the South Pacific Disaster, the government also held amicable relations with CSAT as well.

Diplomatic relations between the bloc and the Horizon Islands government degraded massively in light of the "Apex Protocol" revelations following the crisis. However, with former president Benjamin Hope's retirement, the government has restored its relations with CSAT.

At the "request" of their new benefactors, the government has agreed to grant CSAT forces carte blanche to operate as they see fit within the country; despite the shift towards CSAT being a massively unpopular decision.


The Red Spring open strip mine is a prime example of the Horizon Island's flourishing mining industry

The Horizon Islands economic makeup predominately consists of mining and heavy shipping industries.

Many sections of jungle have been cleared and turned into fertile farmlands for agricultural use, while its rich cultural heritage and vibrant surroundings accommodate for a small but vibrant tourism industry. Commodities such as sugar are also traded as one of the nation's major export products.

Both sectors make up less than half of the economy however, with mining exports still accounting for most of the nation's GDP output.



The total population is mostly made up of ethnic Tanoans who account for the majority of its citizens. Only a tiny portion of the citizenry are of French descent.


The official language of the Horizon Islands is French, though many citizens are bilingual and can also speak (albeit accented) English as a second language.


  • The makeup of the Horizon Islands is largely inspired by the real-world South Pacific nation of Fiji. Other sources of inspiration include the many islands in Melanesia and also some parts of Australia as well.
  • It is all but explicitly stated throughout Old Man that a mixture of voter intimidation, pro-CSAT propaganda, election tampering, and assassination of pro-West political candidates, was responsible for Nouveaux Horizons' formation and subsequent election victory.

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