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Humans in Need (short form: HiN) is a Non-Government Organisation in ArmA 2.


An international humanitarian NGO, Humans in Need primarily sends doctors and aid workers to conflict zones, offering medical care and distributing emergency supplies to refugees and displaced civilians.

Notable members



Following the successful U.S.-led invasion of Takistan, a team led by Rita Ensler was dispatched to the country. However, their transport was shot down by Takistani militiamen and most of the passengers aboard - aside from Ensler herself, Dr. Anita Baker, a third aid worker from another NGO, along with a journalist, perished in the crash.

They were held in captivity by Takistani military troops until June 2nd, 2012, when a squad of U.S. soldiers rescued the survivors and brought them to the safety of NATO-held lines.

Since then, the NGO has continued to provide aid to displaced civilians throughout Takistan, though their mission has been complicated with the growing humanitarian crisis caused by the government's infighting with local tribes. Increased attacks by various insurgent groups against foreigners has also further added to their difficulties.


  • HiN appears to be the Armaverse counterpart of the real-world "People in Need" (PIN), a Czech NGO based in the city of Prague, Czech Republic.

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