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IR Laser Pointers are infrared laser sight attachments.


Examples of laser pointers in night vision (ArmA 2)

When toggled on, laser pointers project a continuous beam of light on the infrared spectrum which can only be seen with night vision or any other night vision-capable optical sight.

Laser pointers are useful for helping squad members identify their targets to other friendly units, and for coordinating precision fire by pinpointing specific targets to attack.

However, caution must be exercised when using laser pointers against an enemy force who also possess access to night vision equipment. Even in poor weather conditions, projected infrared beams are easy to spot from afar and will give away the user's position.

NOTE: The visibility of IR beams only applies to human controlled units in regular gameplay. The AI do not have the ability to track nor detect the beam in both ArmA 2 and ArmA 3.

ArmA 2

Laser Pointer
Faction Icon-side-blufor.png USMC
Icon-side-blufor.png U.S. Army
Icon-side-blufor.png British Army
Icon-side-blufor.png ACR
Icon-side-greenfor.png ION
Variants None

ArmA II BAF Logo.png

ArmA II PMC Logo.png

ArmA II ACR Logo.png

Following the release of ArmA 2's Operation Arrowhead expansion pack, most assault rifles and certain specialist weapons are fitted with laser pointers on their rails - usually mounted onto either the top, side or underbarrel positions.

They are exclusively used by BLUFOR and INDFOR factions only. By default, no REDFOR factions have access to laser sight-fitted weapons.

Platforms that feature laser sights fitted onto their rails include:


  • Laser pointer models in ArmA 2 vary (depending on the weapon) from the "AN/PEQ-2 TPIAL" to the "AN/PEQ-15 APTIAL". Both are designed by subsidiaries of L3 Technologies - L3 Insight Technology and EOTech, respectively.
  • The XM8 family introduced in Private Military Company is unique for being the only weapon platform in the entire series that features an integrated laser sight. This is because the real-life "Integrated Sighting Module" used by the XM8 family is a red dot/telescopic sight that combines a laser aiming module.
  • Initially, ArmA 2's M4A1s and M16A4s which featured laser pointers fitted onto their rails were not actually capable of toggling their laser beams. Even after the release of Operation Arrowhead, non-OA weapons were not given the ability to activate the laser pointers.
    • Changes were only introduced after the Community Configuration Project and CorePatch updates, which overhauled the models of both platforms and made them fully functional.


ArmA 3

IR Laser Pointer
IR laser pointer.png
Faction Icon-side-blufor.png NATO
Icon-side-blufor.png CTRG
Icon-side-redfor.png CSAT
Icon-side-redfor.png Viper
Icon-side-redfor.png Russian Spetsnaz
Icon-side-greenfor.png AAF
Icon-side-greenfor.png LDF
Mass 6
Variants None

In ArmA 3, only one type of model is available. It is no longer exclusive to BLUFOR and INDFOR factions.

Unlike in ArmA 2, all weapons that possess a usable side rail can have laser pointers fitted thanks to ArmA 3's dynamic weapon accessory system:

Functionally, the ArmA 3 laser pointer bears no differences compared to its predecessors. They still project a simple infrared beam in the direction that the weapon is pointed at.

The only difference is that because night vision equipment is readily accessible to all factions, their usefulness has fallen off quite sharply. Unless absolutely necessary, laser pointers shouldn't be used in the middle of combat as they will easily give away the shooter's position.


  • The IR Laser Pointer in ArmA 3 is based on the real-life "Dual Beam Aiming Laser - Advanced2" designed by Steiner Defense.
    • Unlike the real DBAL-A2 however, the in-game IR laser pointer lacks the ability to toggle between a visible red/green laser or an infrared illuminator.
The information below details unused, pre-release or removed content.
  • Pre-Alpha promotional screenshot with tan/sand IR Laser Pointers.

    During the pre-Alpha phase of ArmA 3's development, promotional screenshots showed that there was originally intended to be at least one alternate camouflage scheme in the form of a desert tan/sand-coloured finish (rather than just black).
    • Unfortunately, the texture itself no longer remains in the game files and by the game's full release, would be limited to just the black variant.


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